Last 10 Threads started by Enth
Both Free and Paid DLC Announced! 5 Sep 18, 2014
Favourite New Item (so far) 30 Sep 17, 2014
Warning about the Nintendo UK Online Store! 5 Sep 15, 2014
[v2.2.0c] Moderator Tags not appearing in some mobile posts 7 Sep 01, 2014
Limited Edition Smash Bros 3DS Unveiled! 32 Aug 13, 2014
Warning! Important Notice About Hacked Gen 6 Pokémon 35 Aug 06, 2014
FT: Uncloned GAME2014 Charizard X | LF: Surf/Heart Stamp Pikachu 120 Jul 24, 2014
My Charizardite Y for Charizardite X 6 Jul 20, 2014
Sakurai explains why Chrom is not playable 46 Jul 17, 2014
Victory Celebration! Victini Giveaway! 49 Jul 15, 2014
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Seeking x8 Luck Incense! 26 Sep 23, 2014
Fan Art Contest - Round 1 - FINAL WEEK! 183 Sep 23, 2014
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WE NEED YOU 2 Sep 23, 2014
The 2014 Scammed Traders Relief Project - Now able to clone! 84 Sep 21, 2014
Need help evolving my onix (Complete) 5 Sep 21, 2014
Cloning & RNG Guidance [III] 801 Sep 21, 2014
The 2014 Scammed Traders Relief Project - Now able to clone! 84 Sep 21, 2014
LF Pokegenner FT D3 RoS Infernal Pauldren Code(ps3) 2 Sep 21, 2014
{0ffer}Arceus will take suicune,lugia,ho-oh dont mind hacks 30 Sep 21, 2014
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