Last 10 Threads started by Enth
FT UK Game Darkrai Code (able to redeem) 2 Feb 15, 2015
Female Avatar Design for Next Games Revealed? 7 Feb 12, 2015
The Great Amiibo Exchange 5 Feb 04, 2015
FT: UNCLONED Gen4 Events (Added Uncloned WIN2011 Shiny Entei) 29 Jan 22, 2015
FT NOV2014 (European) Diancie Uncloned 16 Nov 23, 2014
FT: EU Diancie Code w/ proof 80 Nov 08, 2014
Navi 7 Nov 08, 2014
UK Release date leaked: 15th Febr--erm...30th June! 19 Nov 06, 2014
Trading Forum's Secret Santa 2014 506 Nov 05, 2014
FT Uncloned Shiny Gengar Event w/ Wondercard Proof 30 Nov 01, 2014
Last 10 Threads in which Enth participated
Bleach 15: Save Yourselves the Trouble, its All Going to be an Illusion in the End 1183 Feb 26, 2015
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Which amiibo did you get? 350 Feb 22, 2015
GameStop offers more Gamecube controller adapters, coming May 1st! 11 Feb 18, 2015
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