Aloha. Have a happy 23rd birthday! Seen you around the Dragonball and Anime forum and felt COMPELLED to mention something.
Off by 3 characters so enjoy my stamp:
Love you, now and always!

The not-gay-love, natch :L

[imaginary stamp, you have to really wanna see it!]

~Hybrid a.k.a Danny-niisan.
I remember seeing you in the dragon ball forum, I just found out how to sign guest book. Here is my stamp

Stamped by Atlmoe6. Do well at the University
Hey Enth!
This is my second stampage for you!

Made by: Vegetazoid
Hey Enth you're great! Heres my cool stamp!

Wow! Well I was gonna do it anyway but thats pretty dope XD Damn the none garuntee XD

see yah around my, Mod for DB forum ;D
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

"You're nothing but a worthless monkey!"
I love you moostest yup =]
Bet you wern't expecting a comment on here aye =O
have a goooood xmas and see me soon yeah?
i want a BIG cuddle from you!
=] xxxxxxxxxxxxx<33
Merry Christmas to you. And a Happy New Year as well I guess. If you must.
Hey dude, it may be a bit early but, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

All the best in 2008 !

So is he dead or not? ;___;

Yo mann!
Thought I would drop by and leave my stamp.

Yes, it's cool, I know =P
Well, catcha later!
i know its a bit late but congrats on becoming moderator here is a stamp for you

Do you like Jugs?

"What the hell are NeoPoints?"

And now for something completely different
It's WireFrame's Stamping Rampage! Mama-mia!
Nosebleed of the century from the Turtle Hermit!

Congratulations on the promotion!
Just dropping by to say hey and to show off my first stamp evar.

Have a good one.
I seemed to not have realised you stamped mine xD
but I saw it just then and squealed and giggled a lot <<;


Stamped. Muhahaha. Enjoy... this... I guess? And OMG it's not Gaara related XD.

haha =O giving me your 'COMETOBEDFACE' =o OO'ER KINKYYY!' and taking me to bed =O=O OO'ER KINKYYY! ...well .. truths out now .. you blate want sex from me 8-) lmao!
Normally I don't go around stamping everyone's guestbooks, but today can be an exception.

Personal message for Danneh: Chibi chibi chibi!

Let's not beat around the bush, gorgeous, are you from planet of the sexy?

Ave, Mistress Toni

Pretty Pretty Princess