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Flights are booked!! Officially going to Japan for an entire month next Spring :D

Pokeball pattern Vivillon is now available for download for NA players via Wifi! Do want! * At the end of May 2014, a new hacking device was re

01/08/14, the day Shiny Jirachi exploded the forum.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was really good :)

I have spares from the UK GAME2014 event. They are all Charizard Xs and no Ys. These were all acquired personally be me and a

Yes I know everybody and his grandma has made a thread with this subject at some point but now its my turn, haha! I basica

Now been a week since I became a Moderator again. Lovin' it so far - great team, and a great community :)

--Quote-- “We’ve just announced two new characters who will be joining the fray in the upcoming Super Smash Bros.

Haha just found a Roleplay from 2003 that Gotenks and I were both in! xD Thems were the days! _Hello All!_ First of all, yes, I know there are lot

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