Got Kirby, Marth, WFT, Villager, Pit and Falcon...still searching everywhere for a RRP Little Mac, but I WILL find one >:D
Woo! 100x100 avatar :D
My copy of AlphaSapphire w/ Steelbook arrived a day early ^.^

I could have sworn I already had this little fella but apparently not...The one I'm after has the ID of 08144 and OT of &

Found my Gamecube and N64 & games in my parents loft, now got them hooked up to my telly! Mario64 looks uglier than I remember in my mind xD
So the DLC for MK8 is amazing as expected! <3 Mute City
Just seven places left for Trading Forum's Secret Santa and then registration is closed ^.^

I haven't got a clue if Diancies are able to be traded yet, which is why I'm trading a code when I'd usually trad

Now, first off I wanna say I know Navi isn't this game and I'm glad about that. However, does anyone else think it

It seems a bit early to hear a definitive release date for the game considering all Nintendo was willing to say last night wa

Registration for Trading Forum's Secret Santa is now OPEN!
Tomorrow morning the Trading Forum's Secret Santa event is open for entries! Here's all the details:

I have two spare Shiny Gengars and looking for any Event offers only :) They are both uncloned, untouched, and I can provide

Had my first Japanese lesson this evening :) feels odd to be a student again but its a lot of fun! _Fate/stay night: Unlimited Bl

So the bundle with the Adapter and Gamecube Controller was announced yonks ago for NA, and Europe finally got some bundle new

Is it bad that I just ordered Smash3DS just to be eligable for the free OST and then I'll sell the game on? I only want the WiiU version :o
Still haven't got my 40quid back from Nintendo yet, but ordered another AS steelbook anyway just in case they sell out ;__;

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