Very happy! My official Neoseeker t-shirt just arrived in the post ^^
Pikmin games are so under-rated.

So apparently fans were told they could submit questions regarding Hyrule Warriors to Aonuma and the other developers of the

The 3DS version was delayed by a month or two, and Sakurai more or less admitted in the Digital Event that this is due to bri I have to be honest mates; looks pr

Got my MarioKart8 WiiU bundle, downloaded WindWakerHD, and today going out and buying Pikmin3. An excellent weekend in store then :D

Haven't posted properly for a couple of weeks, so thought I would come back with a big thread. I'm offering any of my People have bee

Pre-ordered the MarioKart8 WiiU bundle for £199 :) Score!
Baby Rosalina announced for Mario Kart 8! Adorable~!

I'm not looking for anything in particular, or anything amazing, just make an offer :) I'd love to get a good Toto

I have never fought competitively before. I don't even know that much about it - hence the team you will find below may l

They're untouched, but I have reason to believe they are Powersaved due to their English names. Therefore I'm not ask

Couldn't find an answer for this anywhere on Google so I'm asking you guys. Everytime I get to a flash video in the b

I've gotten my hands on a Shiny Froakie. It has Protean as its ability, Modest nature, 5ivs (missing Attack), Level1, and

I could have sworn I already had a TRU Shaymin, but I apparently don't, so I want one :) IT MUST BE COMPLETELY UNTOUCH

I have a Shiny Genesect from the Japanese Movie event. Original moveset, and has been EV trained in attack and speed. Look

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