I have been considering several careers, all reflecting on my current interests/hobbies/dreams.

-Stand up Comedy
I've always been skilled at giving a good laugh every once and a while. After studying it on many shows, [Seinfeld, to name one] it seems like a worthwhile and fairly beneficial career. I'm full of them, if the government keeps being run this way.

-Hired Assassin
We all have our dreams, but sadly, I make a nice killer. Quiet, swift, heartless ast times. I can't see myself getting into this as very likely, but if it comes up...

I like a lot of music. I usually sing along with my favorite songs, or repeat them after being played. I've just always been good with my voice, but I need to work on the crowd sort of thing.

-Voice Artist
My worst nightmare could come true, along with one of my best dreams. I do outstansing voices sometimes, so I see myself working for disney in 5-10 years, the very comeany I loathe.

If my current plans to escape the grasp of the US don't succeed, I could always hit them at home. Since I already don't like what is being done, and have been building my reasons for the last six years, I have a pretty good chance of making a political position. Although I'm not so sure if it would be my very first choice.

As the previous interest explains, I can wage a verbal fued professionaly. It has been stated to me a number of times taht I could make an excellent Lawyer or Theologist. The media frowns upon it, but I'd still take this road if it was offered to me.

I could also get a start on Saturaday Night Live, as many hit performers of today have. From the above interests, I apparently have the skills and capacity neccessary. Hope to see me some day out there. I'm sure I'll give my emmy credit to all of you for stregthening my sense of humor.
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