Thank you so much for helping me with CSS. I could not have done it without you. And you being able to fix something so quickly on code you weren't accommodated with is a truly magnificent skill.

Hey. Got bored. Decided to sign your book. Sign humor for ya.

See ya around!
You've been bitten by me, because i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

The top stuff is just random crap. Man i noticed that your lacking Stamps. I just saw my old nu b one. Man that must have been ages ago. Well here is the upgrade one.

Hey, what's up. I'll be seeing ya, probably on the PS3 forum. Peace, and a Happy Valentine's Day.--Compliments from Da Prince.^^

vanillagigglez is the best
she is better than the rest
this poem (like her) is very great
but I never expected this to be my fate
she has vanilla in her name
so chocolate isn't her game
she is the best master for a slave
for I the am the victim her anger gave
you wish you could be half as good as her
she is to the best as animals are to fur

I am EmmieGurl's sweet little slave, and loving it!

This signing has been brought to you by Glitzville, the sexy and annoying one.
I personaly love shadow more than sonic so.....just wanted o say your banner rocks

Just feel seasonal joy lol, hey Merry christmas hope you have a good one!

from *drum roll*

~* Cute Phantasy *~
Just dropping in to wish you a Merry Christmas. Its been great visiting forums with you all. Hope to say Merry Christmas again next year. So until then I wish you a

~Light Druid
I would like to thank you for all the help that you have given people trying to build their Neo Homes.

You’re a bloody legend

Demote, leave for a couple weeks, then come back and mod us again? I saw right through plan from the beggining. Congrats anyway =)

Have a merry holiday season and watch your step on the way out.

[Stamp Currently Murdered]

Hey, just wanted ta say Congrats on becoming a mod.
That's awesome!!!
And, i will be one of your (less active) subjects in the Fire Emblem forum, so don't please don't hurt me too much for being an idiot.
Have a great time being mod!
hey man thx for the banner and for putting the text ont my holidays stamp so now i leave the rest to the stamp.

so i may be a bit early for x-mas but hey why can't i be?
hey thanks alot for the banner resize....and also for making it transparent...looks great...i have went through a bunch of banners lately and now i was searching i finally found one that i will is you your first G-Book stamp and signing

cya around