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Complete and well designed product > meeting deadlines

This is especially true for the tech industry. read more

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Wakaman, I don't think it will be a problem with notifications, friends or PMs. Using my.neoforum... read more

Have you considered adding it back but to the left of my.neoforum? As long as my.neoforum is the... read more

Words cannot describe the awesomeness of a pirate assassin.

Haven't been disappointed by a numbered AC yet so I'll... read more

quote ziemlaj
also another thing, are they gonna put a ssd or hhd , what do you think about that guys?

If they wanted... read more

Hmm, built in hard drive certainly could be disappointing if it truly means that it can't be replaced. Don't know... read more

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Phone does look amazing but I've learned the hard way that HTC, Samsung and the rest are complete failures when it... read more

Lol, loving this new format. Will definitely have to keep up on this week to week. read more

I was very surprised to read earlier today that no one wanted to pick up the rights to Vigil and Darksiders. Seems... read more

I would be severely disappointed in anything happens to the South Park game. They need to do whatever it takes to... read more