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I decided to document my adventures in Pokemon White and share them amongst everyone here. Before we begin, I must tell you that there will be spoilers (a word which seems odd in a Pokemon game) so don't say I didn't warn you.

This time, we're in a new region; Unova. In Unova, there are 156 new Pokemon species to be captured, with none of the older ones present as for now. As such, we'll be needing to adjust to this new world, so a pair of safety goggles and rubber boots are recommended, as this will most likely be a messy ride.

We're introduced to the professor of Unova, Juniper. After hearing her long winded explanation about Pokemon (which we've known for about 15 or so years already), we're prompted to select our trainer avatar. Now, I have to say, these are probably the best designed trainers Ken has drawn (even better than the Ruby and Sapphire ones). After selecting our trainer (I selected the male trainer, naturally and named him after me), we are introduced to our rivals. There is Bianca; the blonde haired ditz, and Cheren; the know-it-all who thinks he knows it all.

One more long winded explanation from Juniper, and we're now starting our adventure in the Unova region!

We start out with a shot of Professor Juniper walking into the player's house and walking back out. Wrong house, maybe? We then cut to the player's room, which is bland, but has the necessities such as a computer, a T.V. and a Wii. Cheren is here, and we appear to be waiting for Bianca to hurry her ditzy self up here so we can open up this lovely gift we have sitting in front of us. Eventually, the ditz arrives, and we can now open the gift! The card attached says that it was a gift from Professor Juniper. Oh, so that's why she went in and out of the house...and somehow utilizing super speed to deliver the gift and get out before we can question her. Strange woman she is...

After reflecting on that, we approach the box and discover that there are three Pokemon inside, each representing grass, fire, and water. I'm sure we've seen this somewhere before, right?

That aside, we can select our first Pokemon! Yay!

Our options are:

Snivy - the Grass Snake Pokemon
Tepig - the Fire Pig Pokemon
Oshawott - the Sea Otter Pokemon

Yeah, these look fun...

Anyway, I went with Snivy, and dubbed him with the name, "Smugleaf" (which you should know what this means). Just like the other Pokemon games, your rival will choose the Pokemon who has the type advantage over yours. This formula applies to Cheren, as he decides to chose Tepig, leaving the ditzy Bianca to be left with Oshawott. Oh, poor Bianca, you just got the short end of the stick, didn't you? However, she's too dumb to even realize this, and she proceeds to challenge me to a battle. Two things don't add up here: the obvious being Bianca is a massive ditz, and the fact that we're in a SMALL ROOM. Pokemon battles take place in large areas, but I suppose that Bianca's massive level of stupidity overlooked that matter. Regardless, we're now locked in a Pokemon battle.

After beating the ditz, we see that the room is a mess. Note to self, when I rule the world, Bianca will be the first to suffer my wrath. After she heals both of our Pokemon with her ditzy powers of fail (I'm surprised she didn't end up poisoning them instead), Mr. Know-it-All, Cheren decides to face the Player, obviously trying to ruin my victory. Naturally, he loses as well. With the room a mess, Bianca and Cheren decide to utilize the plan "GTFO", as the Player is now left with a messy room, and a most likely pissed off mom. It turns out that our dear mother is not mad, and she offers to clean up the room for me. YES! Anyway, we can now begin our venture to outside world!

Nuvema Town...what can I say about this place? It's just like your standard Pallet or New Bark Town, meaning that this place will most likely never be seen again, as we have the hankering to go venture out dozens of miles away from home. Anyway, we're supposed to meet with Professor Juniper in her lab, but we then discover that Bianca is no where to be seen. Cheren is waiting in front of the lab, and tells us that she is with her parents. If it's any indication to you, then we should go visit Bianca's house and see what's keeping the ditz. We find out that her father is unamused with her new Pokemon and her yearn to go on an adventure. Bianca ignores this and decides to leave the house anyway. My word, her dad is the mere paragon of dead-beat dads!

Anyway, now we can go to Professor Juniper's lab to receive our own Pokedex! w00t w00t! However, there is a catch. We need to fill these empty pages up, otherwise she'll feed us to the massive hungry Gyarados, which she just so happens to have. On that lovely note, she says she will meet us on Route 1. I think I need an adult...and a new pair of pants

After leaving the house in terror and in search for a new pair of pants, we see that the Player's mother is waiting outside for us, and gives us all town maps. Sweet! But, we're especially lucky, because the Player receives the X-Transciver, which is essentially a portable machine that has Skype capabilities. She wishes us well. Bianca and Cheren go on ahead, the player is left arguing with his mother, stating that he needs a new pair of pants. She doesn't want to comply, and she demands we ignore it, because it builds character. She's definitely going to win parent of the year at this rate. After approaching the exit of Nuvema Town, Bianca wants us all to take our first few steps onto Route 1. I suggest we fulfill her wish, before she ends up hurting herself. With our first steps are taken, we then see Professor Juniper ahead. What could she want?

End of Part 1. Hope you all enjoyed it, and I look forward to sharing my experience with you all again. Until the next part, adieu!

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