Emuzandro shared a forum thread
Apr 14, 15 10:35pm

What's up, strategy friends! I play pokémon competitively for more than a year, and I have never tried to use Ches

Emuzandro shared a forum thread
Dec 16, 14 11:14pm

I really really need two of my pokemon to be cloned (Porygon2 and Heracross) Can someone help me please? Thanks!

Emuzandro shared a forum thread
Oct 20, 14 3:11pm

I need a Heatran for my team. I'd like to have a Calm one, but Modest is ok too. Must be at least 5IV. For trade (all

Emuzandro shared a forum thread
May 04, 14 7:46pm

Hey guys, I am totally new into this competitive/breeding stuff, so I've been thinking about a team. Could you tell me if does it makes sense, if there are better options, and hints about EV training, moveset, items, abilities and etc// GRENIN...

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