Skitz0_666 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 4, 06 9:33pm
lol only kiddin

I shall sent the worker goblins with your complementary bottle of champagne soon
That you would apologized for how you've been treating me. Though I'm treated that way by people who I know at school, so I'm basically used to it, so it's okay. But if you want me to unblock you, I will. 'Cause I'm in a pretty good mood.
Kokoro Empress Dowager Lu
Oct 23, 06 10:41am
I've seen you around the Tekken forum. I also see that you've joined Neoseeker recently. Welcome. Judging by your name and everything, are you Asian?
ZhaoYun88 Empress Dowager Lu
Oct 17, 06 12:35pm
Hey Empress Dowager Lu, i've seen you around on the forums quite a lot, but never really had the chance to say anything to you, and i thought it'll be an honour by signing your guestbook first! haha, we should be neomates aswell, speak soon!
btw...who did your banner, i really need to get me self one of them