Funny_Pillow Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 24, 06 3:38am
Happy Holidays, Empress! You've been a great Neofriend all year! *Santa* is proud of you!

~Sign back!~
<3 from Funny_Pillow =3
Hope you have a great Christmas and hope you enjoy the stamp. Think of it as a present. XD

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! ^^
Xanton111 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 19, 06 11:39am
Hey, Merry Xmas, and thanks again for all your help in the thread.

Blingage Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 19, 06 3:14am

I figured you liked that one, so i decided to stamp you with it. Happy soon to be X-mas by the way!!
Wanger Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 18, 06 4:04am
Thanks for having fun with me on here. It's always nice to see when you've posted something. And I forgive you for cheating (or trying to, heh) on the hurt-and-heals.
Punk100 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 13, 06 2:00am
Happy almost X-mas
Aya Chan Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 12, 06 11:35pm

wbsonic Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 11, 06 2:27am

Wait... What!??! its not Easter...

There ya go!

Djrocks Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 5, 06 8:57pm
Merry Soon To Be X-mas!

You've Just been Stamped By Djrocks, Now be a good person and stamp back
Maximus 3 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 2, 06 1:25pm
Im on a stamping rampage and your my... hang on... *Counts On Fingers*... Third victim Tonight any way back to buisness.

P.S Say hi to Patrick and Spongebob for me.
Coming_Evil Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 27, 06 2:01am
Figured to sign ur book since you welcomed me first..

hope to catch up to your number of posts.

Play on Player.
Punk100 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 26, 06 1:20am
hey i made u a avatar here and this the link

thanks again for this again i like it ^

Sigh back if you can
Stuy Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 25, 06 2:58am
Just a random signing, so be happy. [:

adamsand000 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 23, 06 7:00am
I thought I would sign your guestbook for you. I sent you a PM. I like Organization XIII Pics, but I can't fit all 13 on one banner
gaiablade64 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 21, 06 6:37am

Hello, Dowager Lu.
Figured i'd sign as you seem interesting.
I'll see you later, I suppose.
Funny_Pillow Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 20, 06 3:40am
Oh, sorry I forgot to take you off my ignore list!

Neofriends 4ever!!!
Hi, EDL It is a pleasure signing your geustbook.I Want Tales Of the abyss, Is It Out yet???? IF, So, Iz It any good.?

Bye, Bye


Snuffles_2187 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 13, 06 12:17pm
Thanks for liking my earlier avatar. I hope you like my new one lol.

So, down to business...

your Guestbook.

Done. =)
boondox Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 11, 06 10:28pm
Am I Signing YOUR Guest Book
I'll Never Know

Hi E
Hi Em
Hi Emp
Hi Empe
Hi Empere
Hi Emperes
Hi Emperess
Hi Emperess!

FROM Boondox
Keiichi Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 10, 06 5:55am
Long live the Sailor Warriors!

Thought I'd use this to say "Hi!"
Big_Burta Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 7, 06 3:45am
Hey, EDL!!! Thanks for talking to me so much! And thank you for being so friendly to me! I've had so much fun on Neoseekr ever since I got to know you, so thanks for that, too! I love how I have someone to be annoying in the KH2 forum with me, and I think you're avatars and banners are awesome! I hope you'd like to be Neofriends. Please sign back!
DianWei04 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 5, 06 7:53am
Well i know your basically new to the forums. I gotta tell ya i thougt it was weird when you had near a 1,000 post already,but i just thought to myself she must post in alot of forums. Not spamming or anything seems you really like it hear. well i know we'll see each other in the DW forums and i'll do my best to help Zhu Rong. She reminds me of Rachel Weiz .... sexy!

Hello Empress Dowange Lu. I am Wigthers 2000. You probably remember me from the anime forums. I had helped you find links to certain threads in that forum. Which I graciously volunteer to do. Here is something to remember me by.

Well, I hope to see you around the forums.
Skitz0_666 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 4, 06 9:33pm
lol only kiddin

I shall sent the worker goblins with your complementary bottle of champagne soon