Funny_Pillow Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 24, 06 3:38am
Happy Holidays, Empress! You've been a great Neofriend all year! *Santa* is proud of you!

~Sign back!~
<3 from Funny_Pillow =3
Hope you have a great Christmas and hope you enjoy the stamp. Think of it as a present. XD

Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year! ^^
Xanton111 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 19, 06 11:39am
Hey, Merry Xmas, and thanks again for all your help in the thread.

Blingage Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 19, 06 3:14am

I figured you liked that one, so i decided to stamp you with it. Happy soon to be X-mas by the way!!
Wanger Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 18, 06 4:04am
Thanks for having fun with me on here. It's always nice to see when you've posted something. And I forgive you for cheating (or trying to, heh) on the hurt-and-heals.
Punk100 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 13, 06 2:00am
Happy almost X-mas
Aya Chan Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 12, 06 11:35pm

wbsonic Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 11, 06 2:27am

Wait... What!??! its not Easter...

There ya go!

Djrocks Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 05, 06 8:57pm
Merry Soon To Be X-mas!

You've Just been Stamped By Djrocks, Now be a good person and stamp back
Maximus 3 Empress Dowager Lu
Dec 02, 06 1:25pm
Im on a stamping rampage and your my... hang on... *Counts On Fingers*... Third victim Tonight any way back to buisness.

P.S Say hi to Patrick and Spongebob for me.
Coming_Evil Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 27, 06 2:01am
Figured to sign ur book since you welcomed me first..

hope to catch up to your number of posts.

Play on Player.
Punk100 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 26, 06 1:20am
hey i made u a avatar here and this the link

thanks again for this again i like it ^

Sigh back if you can
Stuy Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 25, 06 2:58am
Just a random signing, so be happy. [:

adamsand000 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 23, 06 7:00am
I thought I would sign your guestbook for you. I sent you a PM. I like Organization XIII Pics, but I can't fit all 13 on one banner
gaiablade64 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 21, 06 6:37am

Hello, Dowager Lu.
Figured i'd sign as you seem interesting.
I'll see you later, I suppose.
Funny_Pillow Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 20, 06 3:40am
Oh, sorry I forgot to take you off my ignore list!

Neofriends 4ever!!!
Hi, EDL It is a pleasure signing your geustbook.I Want Tales Of the abyss, Is It Out yet???? IF, So, Iz It any good.?

Bye, Bye


Snuffles_2187 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 13, 06 12:17pm
Thanks for liking my earlier avatar. I hope you like my new one lol.

So, down to business...

your Guestbook.

Done. =)
boondox Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 11, 06 10:28pm
Am I Signing YOUR Guest Book
I'll Never Know

Hi E
Hi Em
Hi Emp
Hi Empe
Hi Empere
Hi Emperes
Hi Emperess
Hi Emperess!

FROM Boondox
Keiichi Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 10, 06 5:55am
Long live the Sailor Warriors!

Thought I'd use this to say "Hi!"
Big_Burta Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 07, 06 3:45am
Hey, EDL!!! Thanks for talking to me so much! And thank you for being so friendly to me! I've had so much fun on Neoseekr ever since I got to know you, so thanks for that, too! I love how I have someone to be annoying in the KH2 forum with me, and I think you're avatars and banners are awesome! I hope you'd like to be Neofriends. Please sign back!
DianWei04 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 05, 06 7:53am
Well i know your basically new to the forums. I gotta tell ya i thougt it was weird when you had near a 1,000 post already,but i just thought to myself she must post in alot of forums. Not spamming or anything seems you really like it hear. well i know we'll see each other in the DW forums and i'll do my best to help Zhu Rong. She reminds me of Rachel Weiz .... sexy!

wigthers 2000 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 05, 06 7:31am
Hello Empress Dowange Lu. I am Wigthers 2000. You probably remember me from the anime forums. I had helped you find links to certain threads in that forum. Which I graciously volunteer to do. Here is something to remember me by.

Well, I hope to see you around the forums.
Skitz0_666 Empress Dowager Lu
Nov 04, 06 9:33pm
lol only kiddin

I shall sent the worker goblins with your complementary bottle of champagne soon