Just thought i would write in your guestbook, i thuoght i may also post the link ( http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/index.php?function=view_thread&threadid=420615&p=1 ) to the Who Want's To Be A Milliloaire thread in the DBZ:LSW section, since i have taken over as host from you! Thanks, so much for everything you did and how you welcomed me to Neoseeker and how you ran the Who Want's To Be A Milliaoraire thread! Thanks alot, Neofriend...

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thanx for signing my geustbook.your pretty cool.i like your picture of piccolo.but,im just here to say thanks for signing, so seeya!
whut up EP?just signing your geustbook.hey,do you know how to get special card?i cant get it.that favorite damage card post was fun.well,seeya later!
Thanks for signing my guest book.
If you need help you know what to do.
....How do you get spacial card.....
Any way thanks!
if u ever need help, pm me, ok?