Umm hi. I'm back after I ate a cow named Meril <{^-^<} [URL=] heres her owner =P
Congrates, you are one of the chosen ones that has been...err, well randomly chosen to be stamped because I'm on one of my signing sprees.

Best wishes to you, you very random person you!!
Here u go!

Please sign my guest book in return. Thx

This is my new super secret stamp...

What ever happened to that Fighting Villagers webpage you made a little less then a year ago? Sign back!
I will sign your guest book just looking into those eyes makes me.

Talk to ya later on MSN Hoe I mean duck dammit.

- Tom
Hey, saw you on that Internet Realationships thread lol, just signing cause you and your dude Zero stood up for it and didn't feel like you had to disagree to be 'Teh E-Shizz'.

No real point to this signing but just thought I'd sign anywho lol.
i've seen you around the hm:awl forum.
niice advice everywhere. i better listen to the southpark character asking me to sign your guestbook.'s kinda giving me the creeps. xD

I'm finally not lazy. I can finally go on a signing guestbook spree!

I don't really talk to you much, I only see you in MSN convos, or I hack in Stibul's address and mess around.

Anyway, let's talk soon.


Your pal - Preet
Hey EmmieGurl.
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook.
Talk to you on msn
Please sign back
efc fan
Ello =] I'm randomly signing peoples g-book xD and I stopped by to yours =]

My current obsession xD

Now You've been stamped ;]

Be nice and stamp back =]

Bye bye ^^

Den-den =]

This stamp is for all those holiday guestbook signings that I missed.Im sorry it took me so long to stamp your guestbook back.Hope you like my stamp.I just wanted to let you know your a great friend of mine.
To anyone reading this it seems wierd the title I put. Don't worry it's all ok. ^^;; Anyway Lady I hope you like this stamp I made a few months ago (it' only one I have).

Anyway see you later Duck. XD I should stop calling you all these names and just use 1. ^+^
You've been randomly bitten by me, becasue i felt like it. Now that i have tasted you i hope to see you around the forums alot more.

Happy Easter to you too! ^^
(And don't worry, your stamp wasn't crappy)

Here is what you call a 'crappy stamp'...(I'm sorry, I'm new to the whole "stamp making" thing D-: )

*runs away*

See ya. ^^

Decided to stamp you with a really old stamp of mine....

Keep on rocking ^^
Stamp Back!

Haha look what I found. Hope you and your family have a good easter, enjoy spending time with your "lovely" grandma.

Hoppy Easter!
Just sayin 'ello.

like my siggy?
I saw that caption, and I laughed. Beleive it or not, YOU ARE GOOD!!!

One way to stamp.... Thank god for quote.
Haha nice guestbook intro ^^

Random signing, lady kumi's stopping by =)

I sense a Cakefight xD

Lolz @@

Stopped by to wish you (although a somewhat late) April Fools Day. ^^

I love your Pic at the beggining.

I have seen ZT around the forum hes a cool guy and I also saw that you 2 are friends so I thought...How about a guestbook signing If ya wanna chat on MSN PM me

cya round
Thanks for the signing in Jan:Peven if you were under orders from Zero to sign, well yeah thats about all I got my left eye hurts now for some reason so..yeah later.

Happy Valentines day!
Sorry it's late....okay 2 days late...
thanks for the last guest book signing.
I loved the stamp!
So here's a little humorous thing I found I think you'll enjoy....