Emberguards Neohome

Happy Birthday to me :D

Charmander_ID_by_Frozen_Wing.png Hello to all those on Neoseeker, it's been great being on here, and I hope in yrs to come I'll be able to do more then pop on now and then.

If ever you have trouble with your neohome, be sure to look at this site. It shows you a lot of what you need to do html coding. Which is what neohomes' use. Certainly wouldn't of been able to make this without the site.

Made this sprite myself

Thanks to all my friends for being such wonderful people. You've given me some lovely memories to take with me. ^_^

A special thanks to Chaos Team and Awsomness for helping me with my neohome :3

Even when your no longer leader,
you still think about the clan

Nothing quite like being in a clan.
If you want to post then you have the forums,
but if you want to make friends,
join a clan.

Cos thats when you start to know people
beyond seeing them post now and then.

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