I'd be on board for Sceptile. I mean, we already know it won't be anything relating to Snivy and... read more

Trainer is more than likely gone, to be honest. They went out of their way to eliminate all... read more

What is there to get? Charizard was what most people played the Pokémon Trainer for in Brawl and... read more

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quote Corpathium
Assuming problematic means hacked/gen'd/not legit?
That's exactly...
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Second guy to get Sliggoo, fourth to get a shiny in general.

My Safari is hot shit I guess. read more

Well, yeah, Pokémon is Pokémon. It doesn't merely go away. More so since the TCG runs on an annual... read more

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man i'm kinda tempted to buy it but...
haven't played the card game in aaages ><

Do... read more

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Am I supposed to do anything after I download the patch? Or does it automatically...
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Does anyone know if Mega Gengar retains its Ghost/Poison typing? All I found is...
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