Quetzalcoatl Elliot Gale
Feb 17, 10 4:38am


So you changed your username to Elliot Gale, eh?
Well, we saw that one coming =O.

this is my first time to sign your guestbook and well, on with the compliments.

I would like to say thanks for being such a great person. Your Yu-Gi-Oh! knowledge amazes me. Dueling you over YVD has taught me new tactics in which, I have applied IRL. I really like your youtube videos; I never miss 'em.

Hope that we continue to have contact through MSN and on the Yu-Gi-Oh! forum and continue to make Youtube vids .


Harpie Lady Elliot Gale
Sep 13, 09 6:42pm
Hey WiseLugia! I was just checkin' out the Neoseeker community. Heard u was online, so I thought I'd sign ur guestbook. Yeah, this is coooool. I like ur profile pic. Well, later!

BboyMemetron Elliot Gale
Jan 1, 09 3:20am


Kazuki831 Elliot Gale
Dec 27, 08 12:20am
Yep Yep im asking for a challenge everyone says your good so i will like to take a crack at it and see, weather i lose or win i know it will be a good match you want forget.
Marooned Chic Elliot Gale
Jul 10, 08 7:46am

I saw your name in the FRP forum so I thought I'll stop by.
Take Care!

SonicFire Elliot Gale
May 15, 08 5:28am
First off...here...

You like no?

Thought you would.

Anywayz...you have never beaten me in Brawl...or Pokemon Diamond...so I ask of you once more,be my friend?


P.S.I like Chocolate

Don't you...?

Onocron Elliot Gale
Apr 28, 08 1:39am

Thought you might need it to remember killing me in brawl 7 times in a row.
Fishpaste Elliot Gale
Mar 7, 08 1:55am

No, Elliot. You are the demons.

Then Elliot was a zombie.
Marc Elliot Gale
Feb 5, 08 6:17pm

Hey WL! Keep up the good work moding! You're the best!

Sign back!

Anubis Elliot Gale
Feb 1, 08 10:45am
Thought I should sign your Guestbook, you know to help you consider my proposal...

The Lost Soul Elliot Gale
Jan 22, 08 9:38am
So there I was, on the day of my birthday, expecting a greeting from many of my friends. Sure, a few did, but you were one of the many that didn't. This is for the record, and any time I need to convince you to do anything. ;D
Benedict Elliot Gale
Jan 19, 08 9:06pm
Sorry i'm late, i will just sign it anyway.

Jyarra Elliot Gale
Jan 7, 08 3:57am

...Can the above be more epic than a +6 Special Attack stages Spec'd Eruption Typhlosion Critical Hit on a Dry Skin minimum HP/Sp Def Parasect with -6 Special Defense stages in Sunny Day?!?!

The cool people have no need for Stone Age'd non-moving Stamps. Us technologically inclined wizards use these new moving stamps, like those photograph frames that can display thousands of your digital pictures. Except it only shows one video. :/

We need to battle more. I put together a UU team based on only things my friend thought were cute. You can try that! xD

WolfofSorrow Elliot Gale
Jan 3, 08 11:42pm
After a while of knowing you (I hope you know me too, TBH) I think I should stamp your GB. Probably right now! OMG!

PS: I made it by myself. Can we be Neofriends, pwetty pwease?
ssbm freak Elliot Gale
Jan 3, 08 2:30am
Title says it all I'm on a signing spree. If you don't sign back BreadCat will eat you!

Thanks to Phantom Zero for the stamp.
newcomer Elliot Gale
Dec 23, 07 3:36pm
A challenge? If it was popcorn throwing I'd probably win.

Hello, Merry Christmas! I don't have popcorn, but here's a snowball. *throws*
Eclipse Elliot Gale
Dec 17, 07 10:41pm

I just made a brand new stamp so ehre it is for you! Fresh out of the oven!

Pr3tzals Elliot Gale
Dec 8, 07 3:03am
well it ain't Christmas yet but i just wanted to show off this new stamp i made lol so what ever

Halo Rules Elliot Gale
Nov 21, 07 9:28pm
Now I see this guy alot on the Pokemon forums. Stopping people from breaking the rules must be tough, I couldn't handle it with that many members, posts and topics! It would be too much! But this guy seems to do a great job of it, so well done and keep up the good moderating.

The Lost Soul Elliot Gale
Sep 29, 07 1:43am

Be sure not to delete this until Tuesday, or I'll have to make you play children's card games until your eyes bleed.
Glasswind Elliot Gale
Sep 29, 07 12:24am
Its not a cake, unfortunatley but heres a crap stamp.

Knightmare Zero Elliot Gale
Sep 22, 07 1:09pm
Nope not asking for a challeeeeeenge, since you'll pwn me and all. X3

Just going around signing people's guestbooks, so here!

An awesome stamp for an awesome moderator!
Sakuya Elliot Gale
Sep 17, 07 10:46pm
Well at least I got you something,a Wii cake!

Enjoy your day and have fun
Sakura Elliot Gale
Sep 17, 07 9:32pm
Happy Muffin day to you,
Happy Cupcake day to you,
Happy Rawr day dear Elliot,
Happy Walmart day to you.

Happy birthday doll!
Halo_Asassin Elliot Gale
Sep 17, 07 5:19pm
Hey Elliot! Happy birthday! Hope you like my stamp!

Expect some form of a present next time we see eachother.