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Nov 08, 12 11:19am
Wanna Go To Space! Portal2 PC
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  • "Lorx and I are currently testing the results of using the wrong portal during dangerous exercises. Portal2 PC"
    Insanity Prevails Jul 20, 14 12:14pm
  • "You liked Portal? Good. Now, think of Portal but longer AND with co-op AND with community levels. Play this before you die. Portal2 PC"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 5:01am
  • "Wanna Go To Space! Portal2 PC"
    EliteRacing343 Nov 08, 12 11:19am
  • "one of the greatest games of our generation. More characters, more action, more one-liners from GLaDOS and more awesome test chambers! Portal2 PC"
    Curtzilla Jul 22, 12 8:52pm
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