Nice of the developers to let us use our FM4 created decals for Horizon. Now I don't need to waste three more hours. ForzaHorizon X360
I completed Halo 4 yesterday! Ending did raise a few questions for Halo 5 though...
I quilified for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and got Kyle Bush's ride! NASCAR09 PS2
My favorite map is Haven. Greatest CTF map besides Blood Gulch in all of the Halo games! Halo4 X360
I love how there's so many dubstep remixes on Youtube when there was only one song in he game! Portal PC
Sucks that the Cake is Gone... Portal PC
I re-created Denny Hamlin's #11 FedEX NASCAR Race Car! The logos came out great! Definitly my favorite car I made in any Forza game. ForzaMotorsport4 X360
Can't believe Romeo survived that Gravity Hammer blow! He's one tough ODST! Halo3ODST X360
I completed a Skirmish game with all leaders. I enjoyed playing as John Forge and the Arbiter the most. HaloWars X360
I beat the last mission on Legendary, loved the ending! Really made Halo 4 make much more sense! Halo3 X360
Im the best at CTF Team Snipers! Nobody can beat me! Halo PC
I love playing CTF in Halo 4! Nothing gets better than those assassinations! Won a 1v1 match 18-5 on Tuesday!
DLC #1 has been announced. It will be avalable before the 2013 season and add a few drivers and paint schemes! NascarTheGameInsideLine X360
Check out my Youtube channel! GameCasters343 is my tag. Like, Comment, & Subscribe!
Even though Halo 4 is here, please remember to #RememberReach HaloReach X360
Halo 4 is by far the greatest game out today! Campaign is so amazing and Infinity Matchmaking could not be better! Halo4 X360
Created four videos on NASCAR The Game: Inside Line: Paint Schemes. Their all to music that was featured in other NASCAR games. NascarTheGameInsideLine X360
Added a review to the game. Check it out! NascarTheGameInsideLine X360
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