I always love to draw, I am soon moving to florida because I hate North Carolina. I want to go into videogames, creating them drawing art for them and testing them. I love videogames so I want them to be part of my life. I like an online game called runescape its really cool if you like mideavel and magic stuff. is the website name.

there will be more soon.


My favorite games are:
Halo, metroid prime, and, the legend of Zelda.
I like writing stories and drawing pictures, I also like making up games and game art, and I like to build lego items.
What I like best about the tech world is videogames. I also like and online game called runescape.


Metroid_Halo_The Legend OF Zelda:

The 3 Gamehero's together they will be unstopable, the bounty hunter, the cyborg, the knight.Together...The Game Heros.....
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Review: Fable - The best fantasy game since ever

Oct 18, 2004

I think that fable deserves a better rating and it is just the best game since halo and zelda. Its awsome I recomend it for fantasy fans. It is well worth your money and time to get. I cannot stop playing fable, hey I already beat the story mode...

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