segaman Elite
Feb 19, 08 1:14pm
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

Sinner Elite
Aug 10, 06 7:10am
Look what I found in my guestbook.

Do you want me to sign your *bleep*ing guestbook? Apr 22, 2005
The only reason I am here is because this nubtard requested that I do so in the IRC chat. Lol, owned.

Keep up whatever it is you do that people like and I guess I will sign again in a years time, or if you do something significant that warrants me to sign this again.

Peace out rude boi.
Sign again pleez.

Enigma Elite
Dec 26, 05 6:14pm

Wishing you all the best for 2006,
xpronic Elite
Dec 21, 05 10:14pm
Merry Christmas & a happy new year!

Penguins forever! XD

Deis Elite
Dec 1, 05 4:55pm
Congratulations! You’re on my Christmas list.

I'm going to Google Santa Claus.
I'm going to Google him because
He does a lot of kinky stuff
that common sense forbids.
The hat, the sleigh, the biker beard
all strike me as a little weird.
I want to check him out before
I let him near the kids.
I'm going to Google Santa Claus.
His gay apparel gives me pause.
I'll find out what he smokes
and if he used to be a dame.
I want to know what kind of guy
goes mushing reindeer through the sky.
I want to know what Vixen did
to earn that kind of name!
And so I'll Google old Saint Nick
and find out just what makes him tick.
I'll search his background thoroughly
and learn his every vice.
Old Santa's in the hot seat now.
He's had it coming anyhow.
It's time we knew for certain
if he's naughty or he's nice!
Scott Emmons

Have a great Christmas!

Love Kali

wba_4_eva Elite
Jun 14, 05 4:40am
Let me be the first to sign your guestbook. I can see it's not very busy here what with you being a West Brom fan and all

I think that West Brom will be going down this season, them being crap and all

I know its your decision on who you support, but please take me advice: (SsE)

Support someone Else!

Haa, just kidding .

Your friendly neighbour;
Remember this comment in my guestbook Elite? Well it looks like we stayed up all thanks to Charlton. Thought I'd return the favour in signing you guestbook after long last
Pip Elite
Jun 5, 05 1:47am
Heylo, though I might as well sign your guest book here on Neo since I've seen you a lot on here and on Off The Bar. You sound pretty cool, anyway I'll catch ya later and mind and sign back...

P.S. My nice Hayden stamp

And the eye!

Neras Elite
May 21, 05 12:57am
I don't like this 'gone' business!

You told me you loved me! You can't just leave after saying something like that...

Etile can't be gone! I forbid it!
Crispy_Bacon Elite
May 3, 05 12:47am
doom destroyer Elite
Apr 25, 05 5:35am
i thought i would sign your guestbook, cause i don't think i have already, but i have just made a new stamp and thought you may like it.


Love from Nikki-Louise
Sinner Elite
Apr 23, 05 5:55am
OMG YOU NUB. I'm signing this guestbook because you just kept going o and on and kept telling me to sign so I am.



Love Fizz.
Mano Chao Elite
Apr 23, 05 5:48am
Hi eTILE, You seem awesome but not as awesome as me for I reak of awesomeness.

HAHAHA simple noob

Oh and don't forget about BadgerSam
Angyles Cerddoriaeth Elite
Apr 23, 05 5:39am
So not knowing if I had spanked you or not, I came here and saw that I hadn't. So since I haven't and we have that stupid limit thing I am just going to fill up the rest of the space with mindless babble, much like what we do in the chat all day..
ctrl Elite
Apr 21, 05 2:56am
Totally bogus how there is a character limit and all... meh.

FFX Fanatic Elite
Apr 20, 05 8:15pm
since i love you so much *ha! cough* I thought I'd sign your GB, be grateful!


Your guestbook has been blessed with the signing of FFX Fanatic!

Since it is such a blessing to even be blessed with the presence of FFX Fanatic, a signing is much less ephermal therefore the blessing will last until you delete this signing!

So have a little story,
Once upon a time there was a girl called Rinoa: and another girl called Rinoa had never met Yuna before so when they bumped into each other in a supermarket buying stuff, they apologised to each other….but when rinoa looked into yuna’s trolley she was shocked. “she has men’s underwear” she thought, “she can’t be normal” she got out her weapons and a fierce battle took place.

It was tough and it looked like no one was going to win, suddenly Tidus walked past and grabbed the underwear from yuna’s trolley saying “wow you got them!”

“oops” exclaimed Rinoa, they shook hands and then went on their separate ways, Yuna to go pay for tidus’ underwear and Rinoa to find squall who was sleeping on a bank.

The End!

And don’t forget to return the blessing back to FFX Fanatic!
Daisy Elite
Apr 19, 05 10:38pm

Here's to making it count!

Yeah, so my recent Hakkai obsession is reaching insane limits,
so I figured I would try to work out some of my issues by posting
his face all over Neo...
messhead Elite
Apr 16, 05 1:54am
The UK!!

Stamped by messhead, your most randomly person
U_Turn Elite
Apr 15, 05 7:52am
The long awaited guestbook signing. I'd make it interesting but I can't be arsed. Instead I'll leave you with this....

You know you like it. I can see the groinal region of your pants are smoking.

Lots of sex and kisses from U_Turn and teh Cyberwhore.
Q22 Elite
Apr 10, 05 4:27am
What can I say about Elite? He's a funny, down to earth guy. He knows when to draw the line and he's responsible for that bloody annoying blue zippy avatar. What's not to love ?

Stay cool Elite.

doom destroyer Elite
Apr 8, 05 7:32am
heya, i thought i would sign your guestbook, mainly cause i haven't already lol.

hope you like my stamp, only made it a few days ago lol.

Love from Nikki-Louise
Angel Blade Elite
Apr 5, 05 3:54am
This is a late signing for everyone who signed my guestbook from the time I left, and up to now =) And for uhm... neofriends xDD

Love Chronicle - Changin' My Life ( Performed in Full Moon wo Sagashite)

Naze darou koi no shikata sae sukkari wasureteta
Deai wa itsuka kuru wakare no hajinari to
Itsu no ma ni ka kimetsuketeita

Yogoreta suniikaa no
Hadoketa himo musunde kureta
Hani kamu anata no egao
Asahi wo abite
Tokimeita kyuu ni

Ai saretai kara
Aishitai wake jyanai
ai suru
Yuuki wo kureta ne

Kore kara no tabi ni
Futari ima
Chikau yo
Nani ga atte mo
Kono te hanasanai



Why is it that I've completely forgotten how to love?
We will meet someday... and then go our separate ways again..
Just don't know when it's going to happen.

Whenever the shoelaces on my dirty sneakers came loose...
... you were the one who tied them for me.
That shy smile of yours shines in the morning light.
Suddenly, my heart races...

Just because I wanted to be loved... doesn't mean I want to love..
Give me the courage to love honestly.
I'm going on a journey now. Let the two of us make a vow..
No matter what happens, this hand won't let go.


Ahahaha, love that song *Hearts it* That's right, that's right... who did the translations? I DID *laughs in your face* >_>;; <_<;;

Oh, BTW, if you haven't, you should watch Full Moon wo Sagashite *Advertisement* =3

Love always,
009 Elite
Apr 4, 05 5:39am
Greetings. You have been located. Prepare to be terminated. Sign back if you wish.

RobtheGooner Elite
Apr 1, 05 6:14pm

This has been fun. I love my newjob, shortlived though it will be.
Adamio Elite
Apr 1, 05 1:06am
Hey elite, congrats on ur n00beration:p, hope ya don't class me as a n00b;). Sign Back.
Danger Elite
Mar 30, 05 12:29am
I was told I must sign this guestbook ain't got a fancy stamp or lesbian clips .

Sign back matt the kat