I Think I have a shiny flawless blaziken (Bred from a torchic from lv 1 then)
beat benga at last and got a shiny garchomp now adamant natured MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
about to beat benga in black city for the shiny pokemon =D
Its spring time "Spoink loves rabite from seiken denetsu 3" =_= I love tacosauce "meow"
Just finished listing the unova dex now I can train and yeah kedleo event is on now!!!
Cat planet like its 1495 Kicking for charlies SMW Football
Cat planet cat planet cats rule with catnip!!!!!!!!!!
I summon shadow clone ninja catty pokemon (Glameows kill people with dreamhares) mwahahahaahahahaa
Ultimate Glameow I summon you to megamans house to take his catnip... PURRRR!!! Kills bass and han solo... NOOOOOOOOO!!!
Cat planet like its 1495 OMG They killed purrloin die skitty die
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