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With a slew of new games grabbing the attention of the gaming spotlight, old classics are being pushed aside by the newer titles. Hardly ever getting a second chance due to their dated graphics, games like Star Ocean 2 remain unknown classics kept in a dusty bargain bin. I personally have none of the new systems out on the market, so I decided I would advertise some great older games that should definetly be checked out. Though a few of these games aren't exactly what you'd call old, they're still games you don't see spoken of very often, yet are great games to add to your collection.

#5 - Legend of Dragoon (PSX)
With the Final Fantasy series dominating the Playstation RPG section, few people ever noticed this great game. With Final Fantasy VII stealing its spotlight (and every other RPG on the system), Legend of Dragoon is a great game to add to your collection. Putting a twist on turn based battle systems with its unique "addition" system and Dragoon transformation, its captivating story (and unique) and gameplay will keep you occupied for hours on end.

#4 - Disgaea DS (DS)
An awesome SRPG on the DS that is easily the best of the bunch. Beating games like Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 and Fire Emblem through its extremely customizable and deep gameplay. Through leveling up your equipments to collecting rare items, it offers a new and fresh expierience that is much better than what you'll find in other SRPG's. You won't find another game on any other system that can keep up with Disgaea's gameplay, that is for certain. (Do note this game is also on the PS2 and the PSP, each versions being similar with a few changes.)

#3 - Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
Awesome is the only way to describe this title for the PS2. Utilizing a real time battle system to create a breath of fresh air from all the turn based titles on the PS2, it has a creative story and a lovable cast of characters. Where it shines is its awesome replayability that will keep you hooked. With 4 difficulty modes and an awesome New Game+ system, it will keep you busy for a long time. The only thing negative I'll have to say is that Star Ocean 3 beats out its battle system due to its sheer depth, though Tales of the Abyss still is a nice game with a great style and feel to it.

#2 - Star Ocean 2 (PSX)
Taking several playthroughs to get a complete feel for the game, Star Ocean 2 is just a funner, lighter type of game to play. Where it doesn't shine in its storyline or graphics, it offers a character recruitment system like no other, and a battle system based in real time like the rest of the series. Though somewhat of a button masher later on, its just a flat out fun game to play. A very rare game though, so good luck finding it somewhere. If you can though, I'd definetly look into buying this.

#1 - Persona 3 FES (PS2)
A mixture of a simulation game and an action RPG, Persona 3 defines perfection in every way. An enhancement of the original game, FES adds costumes, new Personaes, Hard Mode, and a whole new chapter, making the game offer roughly 140+ hours of fun. There isn't much else to say about the game, but its just an all around amazing game. Easily my all time favourite game, and definetly a game you should add to your collection.

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