Elektrakosh blogged
Jul 5, 10 8:20am

Yes, its not a brilliant game but it brings back the nostalgic feelin' I get when I used tho play them on the Sega Megadrive/Genesis. I needed codes convertin' to EU so I can get some blasted emeralds (I suck at the bonus/special stages)and see the actual endin's/beat that infernal Final Egg boss without bein' overwhelmed and stomped flat.

Alas since I hardly come here no more (see last blog on why) I just can't make any sort of forum/thread without bein' in the wrong area.

Still, I have the US version codes Courtesy of KazoWAR from gbatemps. I curse Codjunkies not for releasin' any useful codes so I can at least attempt to convert them myself- afterall I did it with Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness...

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Jun 20, 10 1:13pm
I'm a Cobra, deal with it!
Elektrakosh blogged
Jun 20, 10 1:10pm

Yes, Its true. I've been asking and waiting patiently for months in the AR code requests thread and my posts are simply being ignored. I followed the format that was required to the letter and even though I am supposed to be a member the folks who drop by/ not registered get their codes done in a jiffy.

Do I have internet leprosy? Or is it simply because I'm not welcome?

Either way a simple "I cannot do that request right now" would suffice rather than no indication/simply overlooking.

Thanks for makin' me feel welcome Neoseeker, Thanks very much. :(

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Elektrakosh blogged
Mar 16, 10 9:39am

Yeah, Finally found a site that will send me a US copy of the game. I won't tell you due to the fact is kinda advertisin' it. I just hope it will come to my house within' the week or so.

Anyway if you folks are actually lookin' at this entry I have a question for you.

How you doin'?

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Mar 15, 10 8:29am
Iam am here like a ghost-ninja stoat, silently watchin' you
Mar 14, 10 12:59pm
Disregard me will you? UP YOURS!
Mar 14, 10 12:42pm
I'm always ignored and overlooked, I don't have any friends here.
Mar 14, 10 12:35pm
I'm always ignored, I may leave this place due to this.
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