R3b3L Elekid
Jan 21, 09 12:27am

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R3b3L Elekid
Jan 21, 09 12:25am
In baseball, a man throws his balls at you, and you must hit them with a great big wooden stick. In American football, you must grab the balls from the guy who throws it at you from between his legs. And then try to penetrate the defense and get it in the backfield. In basketball, you dribble your balls down the court, then you take a jump and try to put your balls in a basket and then your balls fall to the ground through the net. Three points for a longshot. It's important that you don't double-dribble your balls. And when you throw your balls to another player, you need to make sure they catch the ball or its a turnover. It's very important that you do not travel with you balls. And when your shooting your ball, if anyone touches it, it's foul.
All That Remains Elekid
Nov 12, 08 1:27am

ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

Cant wait for tomorrow, chum


All That Remains.