Playing Fire Emblem: Awakening
Dark Soul is at school, excited for spring break. Going to break 100 hours on fire emblem awakening... currently have... Sixty-One, Oh yeah.
Avatar's Name is Dark Soul...
Finding avatar to pick, and no it's not Tenshi's
At School... Posting comments on Neo... Posting about Icarus and MK7 for 3ds. :D Last day until spring break
Checkin Neoseeker. said someone was spamming for saying i was. Bragged about Fire Emblem my new Tenshi blade from Leif's blade. Good Life...
I'm checking my account. Someone tought i was spamming because i was talking about my tenshi blade.. posted a couple other random comments..
After school is tennis, and when i get home it's computer... using internet for neoseeker on 3ds, and playiong more fire emblem: awakening.
It's 1:23 And im out of the class at 1:45. I'm now going to spend my time in library on Neoseeker. I just made an account a couple days ago.
At School....
Fire Emblem, Finding new avatar
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