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Oct 6, 11 2:25pm

Well, with nothing better to do, here I am making another blog post. This year at school was hands down the best was me. I got three A's(English, Maths and S and E) English was no surprise, it's been pretty easy for me. I seem to be some sort of English genius or something XD. It's always been easy for me. Maths was a nice surprise, I am in the lowest class, since I got a D last year and I'm pretty proud of myself =). S and E was another surprise. It's moderately challenging for me. I did one test last year, which one part required me to an essay on global warming. I got the test back, and I GOT THE FULL 26 MARKS FOR THAT PART. I freaked. However, there was more to come , as my teacher had written that it was the best year 10 essay he'd even written. But it still wasn't over. When that score added with the rest, I GOT THE HIGHEST SCORE IN THE CLASS. I was so happy that day. Halfway through last term, my teacher moved me up to the advance S and E class. This has been awesome, since two of my best friends are in that class, the teachers nice and it's just plain awesome. Science is hell right now, as were doing Chemistry. Balanced chemical equations, remembering all the symbols on the periodic table, how many valence electrons they have etc. Thank god holidays are here and I don't have to worry about that. I have exams for ALL my subjects again next month, dreading that. At least there's only one more term until the end of the year. Thinking off getting a job, but I'm not sure where I should work. Just finished studying animal farm in English, had to read my paragraphs in front of the class XD. I hate public speaking.
Started a new game on my Heartgold the other night. My team is SplashCroc the totodile, Pancakes the sentret, Spiderstab the spinarak, and Fleece the mareep. I have one badge. See you all later!

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ElectricArcanine blogged
Oct 6, 11 1:32pm

Hi everyone welcome to my blog! Hmszelda inspired me to start this, and it seems like fun. Not much is happening over her since I'm on school holidays for two weeks(woo!). I did go to JB hifi today and get a Pokemon Black and White guide though. I went with my Dad, brother and sister. We took the bus, which made a good change of pace. More to come soon!

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Jul 12, 11 2:00am
Pokemon Black=The best pokemon game ever! =)
May 17, 11 12:37pm
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May 15, 11 4:29am
Has a bad cold. Nose dirbbling, eyes steaming. Feeling like crap. =(
Apr 22, 11 1:34pm
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