I'm shy when it comes to talking to people,though I don't mind it when people talk to me.I'm consider myself to pretty laid-back, like with my dog, whenever he starts barking really loud my brother Carlos sometimes tells him to shut up, but when he's not around I just tell him to be quiet in a calm voice,but sometimes he gets on my nerves too.My family tells I have no patience what so ever, this is very true, I just don't like waiting, but it's probably because when i was a little younger, whenever i asked my dad to buy something for me he would always tell me to wait, sometimes i got what i asked for , sometimes he forgets i even asked.Though I make exceptions for some things, like video games and stuff.Overall I'm a laid-back gamer with some patience,not a lot but some,who likes to think about the little things in life that make us happy.Oh and two more things about video games,first, when ever i see a game that I think is wroth playing, i either buy it or rent depending on what i heard about it.Second, I like all the video game consoles, be it Wii, Xbox, or the Ps3,or psp,I just chose to play the Xbox 360 more, though there are some who take the whole "The ps3 is better than the Xbox" or the "The Xbox is better than the ps3" thing way too seriously.I think that we should all forget what consoles has what built in them and focus on the video games like in the old days,I just saying what I think we should do.


I like listening to music especially video game soundtracks. My favorite game genre is fighting, and my favorite fighting game of all time is Tekken,though I like other games too.


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