I know I keep posting about alcohol related things, but I'm not an alcoholic I swear. So it's 2 AM. You're hamme

So April Fool's Day is coming up in a week I figured I could bring some activity to /loungin'/ by asking this: What

why am i getting followers on twitter all of a sudden

https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/809/4rb4.jpg https://imagizer.imageshack.us/v2/640x480q90/33/mtb7.jpg Toda

Hey, /loungin'/ So yesterday, I had to say goodbye to my dog. She was a yellow lab, and she was 14 years old. I have ne

let it goooooooooo
liquid baby shit
kill la kill is great

Well, it's official, and I just read it on Andrea Libman's FB page that we are getting a Season 5. What are your tho

oh great now i have a thing for *bleep*ing thranduil when will this end
do u know how to fly this thing

So /loungin/, have you guys taken the test? I'm curious to know what your types are. I am an INTJ, and I had my sister

do u wanna build a snowman
god i want subway
*bleep*ing judge me all you want i don't give a *bleep* but paul mcgann is *bleep*ing gorgeous.

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