I usually have anywhere between 5-15 online at a time. read more

likes Aurigae's status update: "Congratulations Ciel Phantomhive, new moderator of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire http://neo.ly/1FsntP1"

Ronman5, Zant is already an unlockable character in the original game, though. From Twilight... read more

I used Greninja. It took several tries but I eventually got it. read more

And now I've completed Classic on 9.0 without using a continue! SuperSmashBros 3DS
17 Smash Run powers left to grab! The grind is real. SuperSmashBros 3DS

Man, if it weren't for the Smash Wii U controller bundle I'd totally go for the season pass for... read more

likes Rayce's status update: "I seriously just saw someone walking down titan walk using their laptop. I don't think I can complain about texting and walking ever again."

There are a lot of unlockables in it too. Put them together and it's likely you'll replay most of... read more

Just realized how in-depth the Adventure Mode in Hyrule Warriors is. I... could be here a while.
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re: canderson Why won't you say hi to me? ):
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I like to think of myself as the King of Smash Run thx

Lesley Pro_04, Gastly can be taken out with... read more

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re: Midnight needs an afro.

MidnightXS needs an XS afro. read more

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