vgbootcamp I've been watching this for a while now (with some sleep in between) and man these are crazy. :o The tourn

After getting my Link amiibo last night, I decided to take him for a spin in Smash Bros. I played him Link vs. Link for a whi

I would really love it if my internet would quit cutting out while downloading the Metroid Prime Trilogy. :(
That moment when you go to play Smash and your younger sister starts the Wii U up to play ZombiU instead. ):

gamexplain About two hours from this post if you're too lazy to convert. :p Should be a good way to see how the gam

--Quote nintendolife-- --Quote-- As we present our characters, we're also revealing the people that have lent us their vo

New sig hnnnng

Nintendo has officially announced that their Club Nintendo rewards program is coming to a close. Don't panic just yet, Nintendo faithful, because Nintendo isn't just pressing the eject button. Club Nintendo users will be able to continue earning Coi....

--Quote nintendolife-- * New character: Young Link – A boy able to use the power of the demon's mask. He fight Pretty interesting to think about, haha. While I do wonder what sort of lore Splatoon may h I was thinkin --Q

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