SHUUUUULK Shown in today's pic of the day, and again in one of the l

--Quote Nintendolife-- The official Japanese Hyrule Warriors Twitter account has announced the release of a new gam

Here we go, braving Norman's gym again... Nuzlocke
Lost my Aron to a Slakoth that knew Counter 10 levels early. This is why I don't Nuzlocke.
And out of all things to encounter on Route 116, it was a Whismur. Nuzlocke
Emerald Nuzlocke: Catch for Route 102 was a Lotad, which I'd be happy with if the second encounter weren't a Ralts.

--Quote Nintendolife-- We're getting ever closer to the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, with its& rofl, I miss this show.

In Skyward Sword (and Twilight Princess to an extent), we were introduced to using Motion Controls to control all of Link'

What will happen to Ridley in the next Smash Bros?

I know several threads regrading Ridley and his chances of being playable in Smash have come up here on this forum, but now that the games release is getting closer I thought I would give this subject it's own thread again....

... could this mean we're getting more Pokémon added to the Hoenn dex? I mean, we already kow we are, but it was g

Well, since grandma didn't die from the surprise part of her surprise birthday party, today went pretty well! So today we got a really neat pic of the day, a stage based on

It's been a pretty great time so far! If you have Mario Kart 8, come prove you're the fastest! MarioKart8 _Prove You're the Fastest!_ Welcome to Neoseeker's Mario Kart 8 Time Trials! Our pre-

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