Eiche shared a forum thread
Jul 24, 15 10:14am

I recently bought Melee last weekend since I found it at a decent price in a local shop, and man it's as fun as I remembe

Jul 18, 15 2:18pm
tfw you find a good copy of Melee in a local store
Eiche shared a news (@Symphonic Abyss)
Jul 14, 15 2:14pm

As many now know, Mr. Satoru Iwata, Nintendo's CEO and president, passed away on Saturday, July 11, 2015 due to bile duct cancer. When news of his death broke, gamers across the globe began to pay tribute to the man that helped enrich many lives with...

Jul 10, 15 5:49pm
Six deaths so far in Dark Souls II. At least four were from falling. Heights truly are my greatest enemy.
Eiche shared a link
Jul 05, 15 2:37am

Was watching fireworks earlier tonight, and it got me thinking about some sort of fireworks Pokémon and the move Explo

Jul 05, 15 12:04am
Quixotic confirmed as biggest Skyrim noob
Vast Eiche
Jul 02, 15 9:11am
hey m8 race to 10k
Jun 28, 15 12:21pm
Bayonetta was great. More pls.
Jun 21, 15 11:49am
Should return to playing Bayonetta, but I really need to sleep. The struggle.
Eiche shared a forum thread
Jun 21, 15 10:20am

--Quote nintendolife-- Most exciting of all, these levels really showcased the idea of Super Mario Maker as a platform. We ha

Jun 19, 15 4:38am
Damn that McDonald's directly after work was the best McDonald's I've ever had. It was hot/fresh and I was exhausted.
Eiche shared a video from youtube.com
Jun 16, 15 4:11am
http://bit.ly/1Ii25dy Quixotic, canderson, and I tried out the new characters! I blame my loss on the poor connectivity of the gamepad.
Jun 12, 15 12:06pm
Nintendo's Digital Event will be around Noon (EST) when it airs next week? May actually be able to catch it then! :D
Jun 05, 15 8:38pm
Hmmm... Okami or Psychonauts?
Jun 05, 15 4:03am
Eiche shared a video from youtube.com
Jun 01, 15 12:25pm
Eiche shared a video from youtube.com
Jun 01, 15 12:42am
http://bit.ly/1FO37jg wow this is cheesy.
May 29, 15 3:55am
Just... just one more day
Eiche shared a forum thread
May 20, 15 1:04am

http://i.imgur.com/bSdihv7.jpg _Welcome to Eiche's Dojo!_ Thought I'd set up one of these, finally! I'd lik

Eiche shared a video from youtube.com
May 19, 15 1:33pm
I hope Gotenks's DK isn't as bad as this one:

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