zGdFXUJ1o1U One thing I find disappointing in Xenoverse is the fact that only Saiyans can abuse a transformation like Supe

Who is your current master in Xenoverse? For those who don't know (though it's kind of hard to miss if you're alr

Obviously one of the big focuses of this game is the player avatar, who is created before the start of the game. The player c

--Quote nintendolife-- At first, it was believed that the glitch was entirely random, but dedicated players have narrowed dow

Everyone with a Wii U should buy these and love them like I do.
http://bit.ly/1JDgGqc This seriously made my day. Rofl

Totally on accident too. :o So I was rolling around Termina Field as a Goron trying to color the Gossip Stones, when I rol

I think my.neo is broken. I haven't seen one of canderson's countdown updates in three days. :(

--Quote nintendolife-- A page went up on GameStop's site today offering the adapter with a controller for $49.98, with th


I know this is basically going to be another DLC-centric thread, but this is an interesting topic I like to think about. S

I hear Quixotic likes Bowsercide.
"What is better - to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" - Super Mario

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