Over the years, I have played many, many games tied to the Mario universe. Most good, others great. But of course, one day I

Throughout the years, I've noticed I'm typically more comfortable playing with the lighter characters in the series,

Inb4 drug test jokes tomorrow

I came across a discussion article on Nintendolife just a bit ago about Metroid in the horror genre, and having just download

http://images.nintendolife.com/news/2014/04/month_of_kirby_kirbys_lost_levels/attachment/0/original.jpg --Quote Nintendolife

A staple of the Mario Kart series has been the Battle Mode, but I haven't seen any news or discussion on this so far. I&#

In Mario Kart DS, there was an option outside of Races and Battle that was Mission Mode. This mode tasked the player with cer

So where's the grass one?

For those of you who have played N64 a good amount, you probably remember playing Toad's Turnpike on Mirror. For those th


This hype train!

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Obligatory Ridley hype.

98% sure I'm getting Super Metroid and Fusion tomorrow, or at least within the week. Pumped!

One thing that has annoyed me in a few of the past Mario Kart titles is a banding AI, or when the CPUs kind of become really

So yesterday I was playing Borderlands 2 and set my "lobby" to open to everyone. After a an hour or so, some people

Tempted to start a new game in Borderlands2 but I would like someone to play with before I do.

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