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May 1, 12 8:10am
Mine is JPN version. Pit is very cute~ I love him. KidIcarusUprising
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  • "I finally got around to getting this game. Enjoying it so far, despite the awkward controls. KidIcarusUprising"
    InsanityS Jul 19, 14 2:49pm
  • "It has the crafting of Minecraft, and the shooting of COD. A balance in perfect harmony... KidIcarusUprising"
    Techno2 Jun 1, 13 12:21am
  • "Totally my kind of game! KidIcarusUprising"
    Techno2 Jun 1, 13 12:19am
  • "This is so fast paced, and the weapons and crafting is awesome. This, Pokemon and Smash Bros. are Nintendo's finest in multiplayer games. KidIcarusUprising"
    metalfox57 Dec 27, 12 4:49am
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