Really long, but worth every second. GoneWithTheWind
is my name... but you can call me Effie. Don't know what it means? Look it up.
means flowering, blooming, or blossoming, in case you didn't know.
means to flower, bloom, or blossom, in case you didn't know.
must remember for neohome: flower quotes!
When talking about "mindless comedy", this is what you refer to. MrBeansHoliday
Constantly referred to when talking about "mindless comedy." MrBeansHoliday
This just tickles me. Review to be continued. Immediately. TheSimpsonsMovie
I'm not really sure why, but I just liked this movie. I have a feeling it could become a classic. Super8
To effloresce, or to flower; blossom/bloom, the act of doing so, efflorescence.
Really nice book... very revealing in a factual way and very thought-provoking. TheHelp
Truly perfection... a good classic never hurts, especially one as well-written as this. GoneWithTheWind
Really great features, overall fantastic game, I am pleased to say. NintendogsCatsGoldenRetrieverandNewFriends 3DS
Exactly like the others, and still going good. NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
Exactly like the others, and still great. NintendogsLabradorandFriends DS
Exactly like the others, but classic and enjoyable. NintendogsDachshundandFriends DS
An original... my first Nintendo DS game... *sniffle* NintendogsChihuahuaandFriends DS
Long-time, HUGE want... yup, it's be heaven to have this game. TheSims2 Xbox
Fun and with cool features... definitely a worth-while Sims game. TheSims3 PC
A good improvement on The Sims 3 for 3DS, fun and great game. TheSims3Pets PC

This. This is my name.

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