Crystal Crusher Eddie W
Jun 1, 08 3:46am
Get more people to sign you! Then the stupid "Can't sign 3 times in a row lolol" message wouldn't show up! I heard that bribing for GB signings work well. Q--(=.=Q)
Anyways, yeah, i'd get on MSN more but I don't have an internet connection at my house anymore. Waah.
'Till I do though, BIG BROTHER 09 STARTS ON THURSDAY!!!!111exclamationmark. Anyways, yeah... since you stamped me and all on Creation, I might aswell stamp you with Crusher:

And lol, your stamp is so yaoi. =] And the guy with the black hair looks like he's gonna commit murder when a street light goes out unexpectedly o,o...
c ya <3 ilyl probably :3 Talk to you soon:

Crystal Creation Eddie W
May 10, 08 3:08am
So many things to say but ima keep it relatively short.
Thanks for all the stuff you said. You gave me confidence I guess, and now I feel like I can do anything! Hopefully I haven't been too much of a burden but I appreciate you for being there.
Out of all of my friends, you're easily one of the best, and anyone who doesn't know you is missing out on a hell of a lot of awesomeness!
See you around. I just hope I can be there for you as much as you've been there for me. Cheesy, I know, but it's true so get over it.

Well, I tried keeping it short...but it came out long =]
Take care. Lyl:

Crystal Creation Eddie W
Aug 10, 07 11:43pm
Literally, you have the best profile on Neoseeker lol!
Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! *hug* :3
Lol, and thanks for being a greater friend! Our MSN Convos are great! And so friendly, and nice, and the best! lol
Here's a stamp to back up my statements! And this time, I won't delete the Image lol:

See you later, perhaps?
Have a great time on neo, msn, and of course, life!
Vaporeon rocks your sockies! xD

pikacelebi Eddie W
Apr 11, 07 9:48pm
Hey, I thought I would sign your guestbook since you signed mine. Well, see ya around sometime!

It really stinks that we need to leave a message that's a minimum of 125 characters, which is why I'm typing this sentence.
Crystal Creation Eddie W
Mar 15, 07 4:31am
Well, I guess i'd better be off then. By the way, I saw what you wrote in your profile about me. Thanks so much dude. I guess there is only one way to repay you:

See you later! Oh and watch Naruto, it rocks!
Darth lillies Eddie W
Feb 11, 07 1:38pm
Another cardcaptor sakura fan I have met now.
Hello I'm Eddie W, I did click on your banner because I thought it had something to do with cardcaptors....I thought wrong.
Man! Everyone likes cardcaptors. It's not uncommen. But MAR is ten times better. Lol I was at school doing Japanese the other day when I was looking up MAR images. Then my completely stupid friend leen over and says "whatcha doin'?" I says to her I says "Looking for pictures of Dorothy from MAR" She says "Oh yeah I love that show.". 5 minutes later she looks over to the screen and sees a picture of geinta and says "Oh Gosh I hate that stupid show it's so wierd!"

And I'm just thinking...???Wahh???
Crystal Creation Eddie W
Feb 8, 07 7:53am
Sorry to tell you but Madison Owns Sakura! >:] have a stamp:

c ya round!
Rikku Chick Eddie W
Jan 3, 07 12:51am
Dude I 'un even know what to write in here ):

SECOND SIGNING. oh how fun xD

mm your avvie's hot tbh. I used to watch cardcaptors in the morning when I was about 8. But they took it off and it always made me late for school anyway D:

butyeah. *waves* haff fun with your 33 posts! : D
MikeyW Eddie W
Jan 3, 07 12:43am
Same generic guest book signing. Nothing special I assure you. It's just... No one has signed it! D: And that's no good now is it...

So yeah, have fun with your... What... 8 posts?

Have a stamp!