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  • "much more improved over the original but still not amazing DeadSpace2"
    nasty nappa Jan 25, 12 5:22am
  • "An amazing game. Only improved on what DS1 offered. So many jumps an frights. Pure bliss in retrospect. Multiplayer was uninspired though. DeadSpace2"
    Machienzo Apr 20, 11 6:44pm
  • "Have yet to play it but, from what I've seen in a load of LP's, I'll probably prefer the original slightly over the second. DeadSpace2"
    Dark Arcanine Feb 25, 11 9:29am
  • "The multiplayer for Dead Space 2 looks sweet! Seems to be getting positive feedback too. DeadSpace2"
    Dark Arcanine Jan 28, 11 9:33pm
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