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Sep 16, 10 2:51am

1) Hit start.
2) Hit the red button.
3) Again.
4) Once more.
5) Right.
6) Click the green light.
7) Click the yellow light.
8) Click the red light.
9) Kiss the boy on the lips. It's a bit hard, but just keep trying, you'll get it.
(Note: After this scene, your cursor will disappear. I don't know why, but I'm working on it. For now, just right click, and you'll get it back)
10) Click either of his cheeks.
11) Click the outline. This is another error I'm trying to fix.
12) Again.
13) Again.
14) Click either the letters or the outline of the bottle.
15) Click the red yolk.
16) Click the green dot.
17) Click the yellow-green dot.
18) Click the yellow dot.
19) Click the orange dot.
20) Click the small red dot in the upper right corner.
21) Click the red dot.
22) Click the dot in the second column, third row down.
23) Click the very small dot in the bottom right corner.
24) Click the eye. This frame has the same problem as frame 9, so just keep clicking around until you get it.
(Again, you'll have to right click to get your cursor back)
25) Click the pupil.

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Feb 22, 10 4:29am


1) Hit the button, it shouldn't be too hard.
2) The button is in the bottom left.
3) Click the period at the end of the instructions.
4) Wait for just a few seconds.
5) Click the new button.
6) Try clicking the button on the bottom left, and if you're using a mouse, just jam your finger onto it very fast. NOTE: When the button is in the second and third frames (out of five), you can't click. Flash wouldn't let me.

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Feb 7, 10 10:06am

Another walkthrough for another Flash quiz I made:

1) Click the one on the left.
2) Click the one on the left.
3) Click the small white space in the loop in the "e" in "teh".
4) Click the eye.
5) Click the eye again.
6) Click the eye a third time.
7) Click "Next stage".
8) Click the green button.
9) Click the red button.
10) 7.
11) Click the toilet.
12) Click the hair.
13) Click the new hair.
14) Click the next new hair.
15) Click "Next stage".
16) 22.
17) Yes.

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Feb 6, 10 6:43am

This is a walkthrough to a funny lil' Flash... something that I made.

1) Click the button.
2) Click the first "O"
3) Click "N"
4) Click the "G" in "gotten"
5) Click the "S" in "see"
6) Click "start over"
7) Go to step 1.


At the last frame, right click, and hit "forward".

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