Sending Pre-Set PM's
Sending a pre-set PM is actually quite simple and straight forward. You just have to look at it a piece at a time.

Here's the full URL needed for an entire PM:

Even by looking at the bold parts you should be able to figure it out. But just to clarify, put in the Username of the account you wish to PM in the first bolded area (Where it says Ecto5). In the second area put the title you'd like he message to have, and in the third are write the entire message. Also, as Terminal added, you're able to create linebreaks using %0a (zero).

Keep in mind, though, that you can't ever put spaces in a URL. There are two things you can replace it with, though: "%20" and "+".

Note the same works for making pre-set subjects in posts as well using this:
Altering the content isn't possible at this time due to XSS security holes, however, has been stated will be possible in the future.

Getting a NeoHome Before 50 Posts
You can't have a NeoHome or a Custom Title until you have reached 50 posts. Well...the link doesn't appear, anyway.

Simply put, you can still make your NeoHome as long as you have the correct URL. Go to the account you want and paste this URL into the address bar:
Although you wont get the link stating you have a NeoHome in your Profile, you'll still get the link under your avatar.

Changing The Capitalization of your Username in your Profile
Very easy to do and really doesn't affect anything, but fun to know. When you click on a members profile, this URL comes up:
Notice the end of it is my username. By simply changing the capitalization of the username in the URL you change the capitalization in their profile.

PHP Code
Everybody knows of the usual [code][/code] brackets that prevent you from using markup, but there's another tag you can use that's not as well known. Instead, you can use PHP brackets:
It'll colorize specific coding just as a program like Dreamweaver would. It even has the title of "PHP Code".

Member ID
Finding out what number you are is quite easy. Simply go to your profile and right-click on your avatar then go to properties. You should find the URL will look something like this:
Now, as you have probably guessed, the number that I've bolded is your Neoseeker account number. Sakura is member 121734.

Making An Emoticon A Link
Just like a regular link, you can make a smiley a link as well. Instead of naming the link, simply put in something that Neoseeker will, when posted, turn into a emoticon. Example:
    [link name=:D]
Keep in mind that there will be no sign of it being a link unless hovered over so you'll need to make some sort of sign. Otherwise people will never see it.
Submitted by: Guugley
Using a Wildcard in Member Search
Something I learned while reading one of Armed Rebel's posts, there is what's called a "Wildcard" that you can use when looking for a specific name in the Member Directory. The percent symbol (%) is used in a language called SQL (or MySQL)- a databasing language. Because Neoseeker uses SQL to log its members, you're able to use SQL features. One of these features is the "wildcard", a symbol used when you don't know what's supposed to be in it's place. So, by simply putting in "%" in the Member Directory search feature, it will find, well...anything.

For example, say I was looking for the member Ash Blue. Using a wildcard, there are several ways I could look for this member:
    "%Blue" will look for anything that ends with "Blue".
    "Ash%" will find anything that begins with "Ash".
    "%sh bl%" will find anything that has "sh bl" in the middle.
Using these few tricks, finding members becomes much more easy. Have fun in the "Identify that Neo Member" threads!

Making a Colored Link:
Though it sounds relatively simple, there is a little bit of a trick to it preventing you from getting it by guessing. Once you see how to do it, though, you'll never have a problem with it again.
    [link name=[color=navy][u]Moí's Guestbook!!![/u][/color]]
As you can see, it's simply a matter of putting the color code inside the name of the link. Nothing too fancy.

Submitted by: Guugley
Hiding Edit Tags
Something that made me wonder for the longest time was how people were able to hide their edit tag from view. Turns out it was so easy I could have accidentally done it. By simply sticking a Neoseeker color markup code in without an ending bracket, it'll make everything after that point that specific color. So, by simply making the text the same color as the background, the only way to see it is if you highlight it. Here the correct colors you'll need:
    White BG: #EFF0F9
    Blue BG: #C6D0E7
Also note that NAMFox can now do this automatically for you.
Submitted by: Guugley
Post Number
At the bottom left of your browser page there's a row that states what the browser is doing that second. It'll say things like what page it's loading, if there were errors on the page, or if it's simply, "Done". Also, it'll tell you the URL of a link when you hover over it. Knowing that the icon gives you the link to that specific message, simply hover over it. If you look at the very end of the URL it'll give you a number. That's the number the post is.

Adding Yourself to your Friends List
Neoseeker update 0.9.0 prevents you from adding yourself to your own friends list. Honestly, I found this the easiest way to view your own profile and wish Red hadn't changed this. It was suggested a while back that there should be another way to get to your profile quickly now that it wasn't allowed. Fortunately for us, there was another way.

Instead of using the form to enter yourself in your friends list manually, simply send a PM to yourself and select the, "Add to friends list" check box. It'll bypass the block and allow your name to be listed with the rest.

Submitted by: Madtown

Jayce Izzacks found that, even though you can't add yourself to your friends list by entering your name in manually like you would anybody else, you can add yourself to your ignore list.

Using CSS in your Profile
As some of you may know, it is possible to make links in the Biography and Interests section of your profile using HTML. However, it is also possible to change the links colour and remove the underline using CSS.
    <a href="">Neoseeker</a>
That is how to make a normal link using HTML, but to change it's colour, use CSS like this:
    <a href="" style="color: red;">Neoseeker</a>
That will make the link colour red. But if you'd like to remove the underline too, add "text-decoration: none;" inside the style area.
    <a href="" style="text-decoration: none; color: red;">Neoseeker</a>
The above code will output a red link without an underline. Using this method, you can make a black link without an underline and it will look like plain text. If you'd like to see an example of a link that look like plain text, have a look at the interests section of my profile. You'll notice the first line is "I'm saving this space for cool quotes from Neoseeker members...", it all looks like normal text, but the last 2 words ("Neoseeker members") are a link to the front page of Neoseeker.

Submitted by: Jay_Z

Just to add on, Jay_Z also found you can place images in your Interests and Biography section as well using inline CSS. Using any basic XHTML tag (bold, italic, underline), include the following within the tag:
    style="background-image: url(URL HERE);"
That will cause everything behind that text to have that specific background. However, if you just want the picture, instead of actually writing letters, simply use spaces ( ) so the picture appears with nothing in front of it.

Adding Anchors Into Your Profile
Using HTML anchors you can link someone to a certain part of a page. You can add anchors into your profile using the following code:
    <a name="anchor_name"></a>
Where it says "anchor_name" put a name for your anchor, but you aren't allowed to add spaces. Then at the end of the URL, put a # sign, then the anchor name and you'll be linked to that part of the page.

Submitted by: Jay_Z
Blank Custom Title
If -as a regular member- you want a space between your username and your post rank, simply write "&nbsp;". Neoseeker will accept HTML's Non-Breaking Space and transulate it into the correct character.

This also works if you're a moderator who wants (moderator) instead of moderator but don't want a custom title.
Submitted by: Freeze

This also works for any "necessary" field in your profile. For example, Neo will ask you for your full name. Instead of putting "private" you can use this to simply leave it blank.

Google Search Operators
Now that Neoseeker is using google search we can now use google search operators to search more specifically. The most useful of these are the intitle and allintitle operators.

Typing "intitle:" before your search will give you a list of threads with the adjacent query word in the title. For example "intitle:Dave Wins" will list threads with "Dave" in the title and "Wins" elsewhere in the page.

Typing "allintitle:" before your search will give you a list of threads with all the query words in the title. For example "allintitle:Dave Wins" will list threads with both "Dave" and "Wins" in the title.

Obviously the Google Search is not a complete search of the forums but those operators are still useful for locating long lost threads.

Submitted by: The Dave
Getting Rid of your Avatar
Neoseeker doesn't actually have an official way to stop using your avatar once it's already in place. You can hide of from public, but it'll always be in your profile.

Found by Darknet, uploading a PNG, though not one of the allowed formats, will not give you an error message and will simply remove your avatar all together. The bug report was some time ago so, I'm assuming, that if Redemption wanted it fixed it'd be fixed by now. So, if you're tired of your avatar and just don't want one, upload a PNG.

Submitted by: Deviant
The <hr> Markup
An unknown markup on Neoseeker is the HTML "horizontal rule" markup. The HTML tag is <hr>, however, that will not work on Neoseeker because Neoseeker doesn't accept HTML. The markup for the <hr> tag is [hr]. The [hr] markup will post a horizontal rule/line.

Submitted by: Jay_Z
Floating Text
As some of you may know, it is impossible to have text aligned to the left & right side of the screen on the same line using the div align=left/center/right markup. Instead of using the div markup, you can instead use the [float=left] / [float=right] markup to have text aligned to the left & right side of the screen on the same line.

You can also have something aligned in the center as well by using the [div align=center] markup, however, you'll need to put the float=right markup before the left & center ones if you'd like to align something to the center, otherwise the text aligned to the right will be on a new line.

Submitted by: Jay_Z
Adding Profile Sections
At the moment you're stricted to two profile sections: Biography and Interests (unless you have the Moderates and Portal Staff sections). However, using inline CSS we're able to duplicate it and create another section of your choice:
    <b style="background-color:#e0e6ee; padding: 2px 2px; display: block; margin: 0px -2px;">Useful Links:</b>

Note that if you used the old version of this your profile page will be stretched due to Neo's Blog feature.

Submitted by: Superfast Oz
Direct Link to your PM's
It always annoyed me to find there was no way that, while in the forums, I could go straight to my inbox without having to go through my.neoforums first. But alas, the answer came to me throughout the forums.

If you send yourself a PM you'll, of course, get the blinking PM symbol. However, if you send yourself a PM and stick it in a folder without opening it, you get this symbol: blue PM It doesn't blink and doesn't attract any more attention then simply not having it.

And when you do get a PM this blue icon is replaced by the normal PM icon.

Floating Center
Neo gives you the ability to float content to the left and right. Floating to the center, however, isn't an available option on Neo nor CSS in general. There is a back way to do it, however:
    [float=right]This is to the right[/float][div align=center]This is in the middle[/div]
Using this method you're able to easily get the floated center you're looking for.

Non-Underlined Links
By default, both Neo and your browser underline links. However, one can "trick" both entities by making your link a header.
    [link name= !!!!Ecto5's Neohome ][/link]
This link will appear at normal size and wont have an underline.

Submitted by: Twisted
How to Read A PM Without Setting It To Read
Take any random private message in your pm inbox that is from a member. Click the forward button. You will then go to a page with the following URL. Change the pmid to the pmid of the message you want to read secretly.

Your now reading the pm, and it is not set to read. You devil you.
Note this will also prevent a receipt being forwarded back.

Submitted by: bobbonew
Size 5 Font
As you'll see in Q22's Markup thread, size 4 is the largest size Neo provides. However, using a mix of two tags one's able to achieve a size larger than that of size 4.
    !This text is larger than size 4
About This NeoHome
Now on the fourth version, this NeoHome has been going strongly since 2006. The biggest change in this edition is the design, obviously. The previous was very white and blue and the entire layout consisted of code. The main idea was to give it more design and aesthetic pleasure and I think I've done quite well. Though the design I used isn't original I still really like it despite not being my own theme. But let's check out some memories, eh?
Anyway, I built this one in about two days and I have a sneaking suspicion it's going to be the last re-design in a long time.