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Dec 21, 08 9:31pm

Dear blog, I followed Synergy...had my suspicions and have finally confirmed she's cheating on me. That bitch! After all the things we've been through I can't believe she would do something like this. To think of all the times we've had...seeing each others posts, gfx battling each other long ago...but we've been moving apart for some time now....

Unfortunately I haven't found out who the culprit...she just entered his house. Tomorrow I'm going to wait outside his house until I see exactly who it is! And then all show him a piece of me!

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Dec 12, 08 1:55am

      Neohome updated a bit
I haven't updated my NeoHome in ages and had a quick scout through my PM's to find them all. Unfortunately I was only able to add two or three little tidbits here and there and was hoping all those that PM'd me with things could PM me again as I appear to have lost them.

Also, I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with the left column as it's decently empty further down. I started out promoting a few third party Neo related things but, other than that, just started putting in some random shit. Ideas, suggestions?

And always looking for thoughts in general from design concepts to layout suggestions to just giving critisism. I'm getting kinda' tired of it's current look...maybe I'll start designing v4.

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Nov 28, 08 7:59pm it's the day after and I feel like shit. My head is spinning and the heater is unusually loud...and focusing on objects takes work.

Anyway, despite what you see in movies and shows, the whole 'raw egg in your drink' thing does not help hangovers. So, I figured I'd take a moment or two and disclose the incredible secret of ginger tea and its power...which is enough to gather a religious following on the note of it's hangover curing capability.

Note that ginger is a natural antioxidant and is used with thousands of herbal remedies. It also has a decently strong taste and, if you're not a cook, should consider purchasing yourself a stick of raw ginger and seeing what sort of use you can use it for.

      How To Make Ginger Tea
    You can purchase boxes of ginger tea in stores. Don't do it. The quality of much more poor than something you can make yourself in, literally, 3 minutes or so.

      Step 1:
    Take your clove of ginger and wash it. It's really not a huge deal sense you're going to be cutting off the skin anyway, but it's always nice to do when purchasing anything from the local grocery store.
      Step 2:
    Now you're going to want to cut the skin off your ginger as that part doesn't help your condition nor does it taste very good. In fact it's pretty yucky, don't use it. You might find it to be a bit tricky due to the unusual shape of the clove but it's not too difficult to do.
      Step 3:
    You should now have a giant piece of skinned ginger and it's smell should be hitting your nose about now. Good, eh?

    Chop up the ginger into thin slices. The goal here is giving it as much surface area as possible. Note that chopping your ginger into fine little blocks works but you'll have a bit of trouble trying to drink your tea without those blocks getting in the way. It's better to have larger pieces with a larger surface area.

    You've seen people chop up banana's in slices, right? Imagine making each slice of the banana as thin as you can get it, that's how you should chop up your ginger.
      Step 4:
    Now simply take your chopped ginger and put it in your cup of hot water. Because the pieces are relatively large and ginger is heavy you're not going to need a filter or anything as it'll just fall to the bottom. Let it steep for about five minutes or so and you're on the way to recovery!
    I usually like to put cream in my tea but I've noticed it doesn't work as well with ginger. Instead, try replacing it for quite well if you ask me. Just depends on how you like your tea, really.

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Nov 28, 08 5:48am

Thanksgiving was at my fathers house this year and, though I do love Thanksgiving and acknowledge it as my favorite holiday, I seem to appreciate it less and less every year and, tonight, I'm just glad it's over. I like to party and love being around people but...when it comes to family...the house just gets too crowded too quickly. Don't me wrong, I love my family and enjoy being with them, it's just not, I'm sure we can all agree, different than being with friends and the sort.

I don't really have a point with all of this...but I must say it's a depressing thought to think Thanksgiving isn't going to be as enjoyable next year as it is this year if I continue along this patter. I've always been a pretty quiet person...I enjoy being alone. I would also much rather have only a couple really close friends than a lot of good friends.

I did work and a half was enough to convince me. Perhaps I'm just extra tired this year.

Good news is I have tomorrow off. Cheers!



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