Hey everyone! So I just recently beat the game and am playing through the Delta episode. Once I get to the point where you ca

Happy 4th of July everyone!
Just hatched a shiny horsea!

Basically just looking for these pokemon. The more perfect IVs, the better and preferably the correct nature. If not then t

I'd prefer both of them to be have the correct nature meaning Adamant/Jolly and Timid respectively. I don't really c

Title says all. I'm also looking for a Timid Elektrike with HP Ice. I have a bunch of Larvitar and Totodile with 4-5IVs a

Title says all. I can offer some shiny pokemon with decent IVs, specifically Garchomp (3-4IV), Archen (5IV), and Hawlucha (4

Looking for any of the pokemon mentioned above, preferably with good IVs. Shinies I have are Haxorus, Manectric, Garchomp, H

Title say all. I'm looking for any spare battle items you guys may have that you don't really use anymore. I have a

Title says all. I'm really looking for some pokemon who have stealth rocks since I currently only have two pokemon that

There's more to living than being alive
Happy Easter everyone!
Found a shiny Vanilite in a horde!

Hey guys. So I'm going to be running a mixed Infernape set and was wondering what EV spread I should give it. I know on

Hey guys! So I'm currently breeding a Mienfoo right now and I'm trying to decide whether my Mienshao should be: @

First egg I hatched a shiny charmander!!


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