I finished this game using my PoKeMoNs SCEPTILE,KYORGE,LATIAS,WAILORD,AGGRON and the last but not the least my very own RAYQUAZA! PokemonSapphire GBA
I didn`t completed this game because my saved data has been corrupted. LostInBlue2 DS
I didn`t complete this game because it was very HARD and you know it starts in a letter (S)... ResidentEvilSurvivor PSX
I`ve completed this game by using 2 of the Hoenn Region`s starting POKeMONs(That is Mudkip and Torchic)and now they`ve reach there... PokemonMysteryDungeonRedRescueTeam GBA
I`ve completed this game using ONLY one CHARACTER named Hayato the Final boss was a little bit STRONG. StarGladiator PSX
I didn`t complete this game but i mastered it. HarvestMoonBackToNature PSX
I completed this game by using a "PORTABLE GRENADE LAUNCHER" My AC`s name is "STRIKE" Equipped with a Yellow Saber,Plasma Rifle ,Two... ArmoredCoreProjectPhantasma PSX
My starting POKeMON is Treeko But i didn`t finish it because the game(POKeMON Emerald)won`t SAVE! PokemonEmerald GBA
I completed this game by playing it all day long for 2 weeks,i also acquired ALL the characters including:Mario,Luigi,and Wario SuperMario64DS DS
I`m in the Moon using a"MOON WHALE"and about to face ZEMUS and i can`t defeat him because he was so POWERFUL. FinalFantasy4 PSX
I Mastered this game BUT i can`t get to the final stage,Because my Legend of Mana CD broke. LegendOfMana PSX
I completed this game using only the car FERRARI. NeedForSpeed2 PSX
I can`t get-out on a Sticky-Stage because it`s too hard. TacticsOgre PSX
At last!i have now completed this game i thought it was very hard but in the end i find it very EASY. EternalEyes PSX
I completed it 10 times on Twisted Metal difficulty i also completed it on the HARDEST level (Using a CHEAT). TwistedMetal3 PSX
I completed this game (Gran Turismo 2) by using the following car(s): Honda S2000 GT1 Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak Unisia Jecs Skyline... GranTurismo2 PSX

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