pikacelebi EXDEATH
May 26, 07 8:36pm
You're the third person who guessed the Battle trio right...

Giruvegan EXDEATH
Apr 29, 07 9:11pm
Hi Ex,

Thanks for signing my book. Sorry it took a while to get round to signing yours but that damned guide I was writing has been taking up all of my time.

Nice to meet you on here....anything I can help you with in reference to the game don't hesitate to ask.

Take care

Giruvegan (Rob)
pk_9584 EXDEATH
Apr 13, 07 6:29am
Hey.. i remember u from long time... HHHHHI!

sign bak!
SuperSpectre188 EXDEATH
Mar 4, 07 6:46am

Hey its me from the FF IV advance forum.
I'd just thought it would be alright if i signed your guest book and if you want you can sign mine. okay see you around.