I signing you guestbook. If have another Pokemon questions PMme.
I signing you guestbook. If you have another Pokemon questions PMme.
SIGNING MY OWN GUESTBOOK! P.S. This website is kinda like parenting...well not really, but hope I enjoy my own pic!

Ah don't worry, a belated birthday is just as good (:
Stamping works like this if you haven't tried it: [img]*Image url here*[/img]

And heres a stamp for you!

Thanks for signing my guestbook! And having the same name is awesome :3
Hey, I don't have much to say about you since i've met you. Sorry. xD

But, I hope to get to know you more in the future my fellow friend. Keep rockin!

"Your subject it too short. You need more than 5 characters. Currently you have: 4 characters" Oh really?
Hey it's just me signing your guestbook! I'm not sure what to say since I just met you...But anyways I hope to see you around neo!

On request here is the pic

Hamsters are awesome.
Hey,I'm signin' your Guestbook.I have no idea what else to say,so peace be with you.

hope you like this stamp and hope you have a great day and a great life
Glad to see a new face around the forums; we quite honestly don't get enough any more. It ALSO helps that you are a nice person, and just all around friendly. Thanks for that!

Just a little stamp I threw together real quick. I haven't signed anyone's guestbook in ages, so consider yourself lucky!

See you around!
Here you go! This is my sign!

Good luck on the path of becoming a moderator, and good luck on Pokemon!

thanks for signing my guest book. the internet is saved! ......for now. i hope you enjoy Neoseeker. while it's still here.....MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! well yeah see ya! XD