Dimitri Blinov EHays91
Oct 09, 11 9:52am
I signing you guestbook. If have another Pokemon questions PMme.
Dimitri Blinov EHays91
Oct 09, 11 9:52am
I signing you guestbook. If you have another Pokemon questions PMme.
Ponylover91 EHays91
Jul 20, 11 10:03pm
SIGNING MY OWN GUESTBOOK! P.S. This website is kinda like parenting...well not really, but hope I enjoy my own pic!

hamsterlove EHays91
Nov 25, 10 8:12am
Ah don't worry, a belated birthday is just as good (:
Stamping works like this if you haven't tried it: [img]*Image url here*[/img]

And heres a stamp for you!

Thanks for signing my guestbook! And having the same name is awesome :3
blackbeautyfan9819 EHays91
Aug 30, 10 4:42am
Hey, I don't have much to say about you since i've met you. Sorry. xD

But, I hope to get to know you more in the future my fellow friend. Keep rockin!

"Your subject it too short. You need more than 5 characters. Currently you have: 4 characters" Oh really?
hamsterlove EHays91
Aug 22, 10 6:02am
Hey it's just me signing your guestbook! I'm not sure what to say since I just met you...But anyways I hope to see you around neo!

On request here is the pic

Hamsters are awesome.
Shawn Yasumara EHays91
Jul 27, 10 11:39pm
Hey,I'm signin' your Guestbook.I have no idea what else to say,so peace be with you.

Pikachugirl_2016 EHays91
Jul 26, 10 6:31pm

hope you like this stamp and hope you have a great day and a great life
Kinetic EHays91
Jul 25, 10 6:16pm
Glad to see a new face around the forums; we quite honestly don't get enough any more. It ALSO helps that you are a nice person, and just all around friendly. Thanks for that!

Just a little stamp I threw together real quick. I haven't signed anyone's guestbook in ages, so consider yourself lucky!

See you around!
cheatdude EHays91
Jul 16, 10 10:17am
Here you go! This is my sign!

Good luck on the path of becoming a moderator, and good luck on Pokemon!

Kirby123 EHays91
Jul 16, 10 6:37am
thanks for signing my guest book. the internet is saved! ......for now. i hope you enjoy Neoseeker. while it's still here.....MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! well yeah see ya! XD