We've had a lot of ups and downs, you and me. Do you remember that one time you helped me out of that particular bad time that I was going through? Yeah, man.

But in all honesty, these past 37 years have been really something else. You being super has been the best thing that has ever happened to this site, and though we've had our Tiffs (PUN. PUN. I MADE A PUN OF YOUR NAME, LOOK), I look up to you more than my own father and mother. I see you as both, really.

Keep doing what you do
My pal Tiffles how are you! You should visit ~our special place~ more often! Dee Aych misses you!
I don't get it how the Wii-U has so much criticism and support.It feels like a constant blur of:
"The Wii-U is the greatest!"
"The Wii-U might be the worst console launch in all of history."
or even
"Wii-U:Success or Fail?"
I notice that all this hype is noticebly higher than any other console launch that I've even seen or heard of.The Wii-U has a high place in sales pitch and such,but in the end,it's always the same.
I feel that the gaming industry has a big hole in it,and when they try to fix it,it gets worse.
Examples of crude display of women,scrapped games,and etc. just worsen it.
But then again,we(the fanbase/gamers),always ask too much from the industry,and sometimes that will cause it to crash.
So,I can't really keep track of how this will work out,or what's lies in the future.Heck,I sound like some type of prophet or something.
I guess there might be a solution,but I guess it's too late anyhow.
I guess I'll just watch,and see what will happen.Gaming is sucess,but on the other side,it's near failure.
PM me if you have ideas,objections,things to add,or something I never thought about.
May gaming prosper.(There I go,sounding all so wise.)
Hell,I can't even say that anymore.So.........just........*sigh*
*gets off chair and leaves*
-Shadic Hearts
I am starting to believe that once a Neoseeker, always a Neoseeker; we just cannot seem to stay away. We have been members of this online community for years and years now, and your constant presence, along with mine, is a testament to the impressive website that Redemption and the staff at Neo HQ built us. Here's to another decade of us scrolling through the message boards of Neo.

Your Old Friend,
I know why they call you Dynamite...

It's because you blow them away with your looks
Dynamite/Tiffany you are a great great mod. A genius as well.Also One of if not the most helpful person on the site. Keep up what your doing and have a great day!
Just passing through
I just wanted to say congrats on becoming mod! I would've told you this sooner but my PM is disabled by LONE(aka *** blah *** blah ***)

Uhmm, even though we don't know each other very well and you may think of me as a troll but i have always enjoyed talking with you. Hope you are doing well! ^-^
Heylo, my opinionated friend! I miss our long chats and such. Hope all is well. BTW, glad you finally got a proper camera.

Just rambling, you know how I roll.

Sending and likes.

<3 ya, Tiff!
You do a great job working to keep the IRC up and running.

Keep it up. Keep it up. Keep it up. Keep it up.

Saransh (India).
Dynamite, I miss you my dear one, I awake each day, lonely and longing your return. Each night, I stay awake, Thinking of you my love.
Last Login: July 22nd, 2009 3:35PM your online again.

quote May 20, 09 at 7:05pm
While reading this thread a few members came to mind of who has left before and Dynamite is a good example of a long term leave. He's been out almost exactly 1 year tomorrow. eh
I dunno how I knew that but I did and now your back. Welcome back Dyno.
You can't even begin to comprehend how happy I am that you're back. I dare a noob to be like "wtf is Dynamite". I will laugh in their face because you and me, we're legacies, son!

Yeah, that's it...... Legacies.

Anyways, if ever it was possible to feel emotion for someone you've never "met", then I feel it now.

Love ya, Dyno.. And I missed you IMMENSELY!!!
stop being dead. stop being dead.
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Where have you gone to man. You really have left Neoseeker for a bit now. I have a few times before but usually came back to check out topics and such. Oh well, I hope your having fun with whatever your doing. See you around.
Is this the real Dynamite?

Another question: Are you a bot?

Signed with Love,
Its me CFB from IRC I figured I wanted to leave a signing to your guestbook since we know each other.

Here to send you And likes.

Ignore the girl its the lines Im leaving for you. Hope you enjoyed your summer field trip.

<Xenctuary> May I bring to your attention
<Xenctuary> That you have spelled your own nick incorrectly
<Dynmaite> oh maaan
Quoted from #Neoseeker, 20061013
O_____o. Eh. I watched green street hooligans the other day, and thought of my british buddies from the good old neoseeker days. Those were some good conversations. Dyno, the king of neochat with the golden hammer. Glad to see your still around. I don't feel so alone anymore.. hah.

- Kax
Didn't think so.

Just for the record.. Dynamite absolutely LOVES mmos, particularly if they're based in outer space (if you're a star trek fan you ought to pm him). He also has aspirations of being in the navy, and of being a girl.


Any Italians here? Oh hi Dyno.

I'm definitely 100% smarter than this moron below me. :F
to return to the site. Oz and myself need backup :{{{{ Nah really, you should just come back on like you used to, the site could always use your help, as you've done a lot in the past. Unfortunately, most of your work goes unnoticed now with all of the new members and what not, but what can you do, just how shit goes. I really think people like Red and the older members would appreciate your work if you came back. The wife and kids can wait a bit and so could that awful game you're playing again. Go for it.

- Alex
I used to remember you modding the GTA3 and VC forums. You were a great mod and it would be nice to see you mod the GTA4 forum heh