likes Insanity Prevails' status update: "Thanks to Gotenks and Lorx for making me aware of the Neoraffle. :)"
likes Best Player Ever's status update: "Just in case you didn't know this already, this year's Neoraffle is back on!"
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NeoRaffle 2014: User registration for this year's raffle is now live!

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likes Enth's status update: "Very happy! My official Neoseeker t-shirt just arrived in the post ^^"
likes koffing's status update: "Even the smallest gesture can bring a smile. I logged in to be notified about receiving a 1 month neo plus. Yay!"
likes Rayce's status update: "NEORAFFLEEEEEEE"
NeoRaffle 2014 is coming...
likes Latias Gal's status update: "Will be my 7th year on Neoseeker this year. Wow."

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RabidChinaGirl Can I participate from Asia?
Sorry, this is limited to NA and Europe... read more

It costs less than 50 cents a week for a year's Neo+ membership - not even a third of a bottle of coke! Support Neo!
likes Whelan's status update: "Turns out one of my friends got involved in a car accident and is badly injured. Such a bad time of the year. :'("
likes Snuggly boss' status update: "Awesome I finnaly managed to get a profile pic after having an account for over a month lol"
likes tekmosis' status update: "I haven't played WoW in 8 years. It's cool to see how much has changed since then."