NeoRaffle 2014 is coming...
likes Latias Gal's status update: "Will be my 7th year on Neoseeker this year. Wow."

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RabidChinaGirl Can I participate from Asia?
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likes Whelan's status update: "Turns out one of my friends got involved in a car accident and is badly injured. Such a bad time of the year. :'("
likes Snuggly boss' status update: "Awesome I finnaly managed to get a profile pic after having an account for over a month lol"
likes tekmosis' status update: "I haven't played WoW in 8 years. It's cool to see how much has changed since then."

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likes Legendary Boss Hunter's status update: "DESPERATE NINTENDO IS BEST NINTENDO!"
likes Raziel2465's status update: "just now getting into PC gaming. starting to really like the old classic games you can get."

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likes bbb7002004's status update: "150cc is BS sometimes."
likes Fuhong's status update: ""Well, you know how men are. They thinks no means yes and get lost means take me I'm yours"- From Hercules disney"
likes Orlando's status update: "Finally got a Wii U and MK8! My Nintendo Id is NeoLando. Let me know who wants to play. MarioKart8 WiiU"