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likes Chris' status update: "So Miley Cyrus can swing around naked with a sledgehammer but when I do it I get chucked out of B&Q and told never to come back?! Such bull"

School is what you make of it. It's often one of the easiest times in your life before you have... read more

re: Swampert X wanted a God of War community so he got it.

I want a Tiffy community. read more

Hoho. Peterson, first touch, 78 yards, touchdown!!
Football! Vikings vs. Lions! Go Vikes!
Congratulations ChiroVette, new GTA V moderator! ->
Tiffy's done upgrading her laptop to Slackware64 14 w/ KDE. So simple and easy to use; one of my fav. distros! ->
Sadly, we say goodbye to Quierta who steps down after 5+ years of moderating Loungin' ->
started a discussion titled "Thanks Quierta! :-(" in Loungin'
re: Congrats Gotenks on joining the Supermod team!!

Better late than never I guess. read more

Congratulations to shortman, who becomes the new moderator over at our Football (Soccer) board! ->
“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.”