likes Skye's status update: "why did 11 year old me think PinkyPink386 was a good idea 7years"
added Neverwinter (PC) to their own list
likes Crimson Prince's status update: "Just joined! :D"
likes Mouldy Cheese's status update: "I'M BAAAAACK!"
likes neomonkey's status update: "I'm so glad I came back :'D Neoseeker is just as awesome as I remember."
likes Whelan's custom title change "I got birds in my ears"
likes Mastix's status update: "Yeeeeeeeeeees! Neo T-Shirt incoming! Thanks so much Dynamite and apologies to Gotenks!"
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I sympathize with your issues, but at the same time the vast majority of people who also have... read more

There were a handful of others who didn't get in too who PMed me mid way through item... read more

That was before any items went up and right after registration just ended. No-one was added after... read more

likes tekmosis' status update: "If no one comes from the future to stop you how bad of a decision can it really be?"
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likes Harvest Moon girl's status update: "It's kind of crazy that I've been here long enough that my profile age now seems appropriate/reasonable."
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likes kianmartelli's status update: "Im starting to like Neoseeker!"