Weirdest and most random news article I've read today:

Hold your squees of delight for one moment though, the man was only slicing open the dead porcupine in search of a valuable mineral. Jared Buzzell of Lisbon, Maine was foraging for wild mushrooms on Thursday when he saw a porcupine get struck by a ca...

I love instant karma. ->

Posted: Print Article If this video were a food, its instructions would read, "Instant karma. Just add water and mix with included road rage." After a minute of nonstop tailgating by a huge truck, the woman in this video, identified only as "Florida...

Floppy Desk 4tw ->

Imgur is home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

Congrats to Ascii - Neo's new TESO community leader! ->
Congrats to Ascii - new TESO community leader!

Hi guys.We thought it'd be cool to promote a community leader here to hopefully take the board forward. Ascii is really enthusiastic about the game and its community here so we felt he'd be a great choice!If you need a moderator for anything...

Even Bill hates Windows sometimes ->

Sometimes, software isn't so magical. Even for Bill Gates. For the opening piece in our series on Gates leaving daily life at Microsoft, one goal was to give a clear picture of the Microsoft co-founder's role inside the company, as a gauge of the imp...

Civilization series on Humble Bundle atm! ->

Name your price and help support charity! Pay what you want for tons of great strategy games from Sid Meier.

Tiffy on Vikings off-season and draft prospects! ->

Super Bowl thread:

Super Bowl thread: win it all....

Want to see skeletal sculptures of the characters you loved as a child? Of course you do. ->

If you have precious childhood memories of toys like Barbie, Papa Smurf or My Little Pony, you may want to look away now. You cannot un-see these sculptural homages to the tiny figurines. The clever and slightly horrifying versions of your favorite t...

Caught this story a few days ago of the rare Nintendo World Championships cartridge going up for sale on eBay: extremely rare Nintendo game is expected to fetch thousands of dollars in an eB...

If any hardware nerds wanna look over and comment on my new desktop build, feel free! ->

So, my ancient desktop finally died recently and I'm putting together a new rig for some casual gaming and so forth. Cur

So, my ancient desktop finally died recently and I'm putting together a new rig for some casual gaming and so forth. Currently seriously looking at the following components: the new Haswell i7 chip. 770 s...

Article caught my eye earlier: presidential candidate Jerome Champagne proposed the following:quoteFifa presidential candidate Jerome Champagne has suggested introducing orange cards that woul...

Families will still be paying off Xmas debts in June. consumeristculture

Last Christmas, one in six families borrowed money to pay for food, drinks and presents, with households borrowing at an average of £654 per adult. This year, falling real wages and lower household savings will make it harder for borrowers to repay t...

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