SerialZero Dutch Samurai
Mar 17, 08 8:44pm
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Surreptitious Dutch Samurai
Jun 19, 07 1:06pm
Hey dutchy, I just thought I'd drop by, since I'm on a stamp spree, and give ya some eye candy. Haha.

BluesTrain Dutch Samurai
Oct 19, 06 8:52am
hey brother, It's mike of course. i signed up just now for neoseeker, i wanna know the kewl forum locations, give me a shout... ok i guess there's a minimum length of 125 characters so i have to type more. give weeds a watch and dead like me, they are on showtime in the States. (showcase in Canada).
Chain Chomp Dutch Samurai
Oct 10, 06 11:26am
Read your bio... yeah, I've got nothing to do... Italian too ay? Cool, I'm a half-blood Italian.

I have given you your very own virtual pet above!! Just remember to throw it out the window once it really starts to piss you off!

Chain Chomp wuz hear!!

Little Flower Dutch Samurai
Aug 14, 06 1:55am
to tell you how much i appreciate your talent and how priviledged i am to know you!

little flower

Mr_Spock Dutch Samurai
May 10, 06 9:15am
Just here to pay respect/leave some love/kiss some ass etc. Whatever you think applies to you.

Nothing personal, hahah.
rkrocks Dutch Samurai
Apr 16, 06 8:55am

that pretty much sums it up...the assassin will stamp the gaurd and i'm stamping you
Sushikikko Dutch Samurai
Mar 11, 06 12:31pm
I see you on many forums so I just wanted to sign your guest book. I hope you can sign mine too!
I haven't gotten my own stamp yet. Tee hee hee.
Dutch Samurai
Feb 17, 06 1:24pm

Hawkeye Dutch Samurai
Dec 25, 05 12:39pm
Merry Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa/Everything!

Here's an image from google when I type in the words "u r so hot lolz"

Damn you lucked out on this one haha.
chocobeth Dutch Samurai
Dec 24, 05 12:27pm
Well, it's only a variation on an old post, but it's the thought that counts! (I know, lame exuse, right?) And A Happy New Year!
Memory of Eileen Dutch Samurai
Dec 21, 05 2:26pm
Ho Ho Ho! You're very good boy on my list and I'll give u a gift! :3 Wait, let me see...*start to digging the stamp for u* Aah...found it!

Merry Christmas!!

Surprise! How do u like that? j/k
Akiva Dutch Samurai
Dec 14, 05 1:57pm
Totally random signing! Dont forget to sign back...!

Anonymous RPG Fan Dutch Samurai
Nov 5, 05 10:02pm
I really love your artwork, Dutch Samurai! Keep up the good work and please draw more!!!
chocobeth Dutch Samurai
Oct 30, 05 3:51pm
Hello! I just realized that I never signed your guestbook. Prepare to be cutified! You've officially been stamped by chocobeth!
Nakoruru Dutch Samurai
Sep 12, 05 4:07pm
Hey thanks for signing my guestbook with such a kick ass drawing. You should draw more of Nakouru since she is so beautiful.

And no, I wasn't ignoring you on AIM. As I said via PM, I was busy.
Gunlock Dutch Samurai
Jun 14, 05 2:52pm
Heya, Dutch. You did a really great job on the Hanzo drawing, so please allow me to mentally-scar you with this image...

It's either a demo for the Insta-Perm machine or the world's first documented case of Spontaneous Human Combustion....either way, your guestbook smells like burnt hair now.
Daisy Dutch Samurai
Apr 19, 05 10:09pm

Here's to making it count!

Yeah, so my recent Hakkai obsession is reaching insane limits,
so I figured I would try to work out some of my issues by posting
his face all over Neo...
SerialZero Dutch Samurai
Apr 17, 05 1:06am
Anime Boston + Greg Ayres + SANZO COSTUME = Uber Happeh Zero-sama;

Huzzah to the eleventy billionth power!!!
Daisy Dutch Samurai
Mar 22, 05 4:14am

Happy Bunny Day!!
Be sure to eat plenty of chocolate!
appy Spring!

From Daisy and Gojyo
SerialZero Dutch Samurai
Mar 16, 05 8:11am
Indeed, March 17th creeps closer, so I bestow upon you an honorary holiday stamp;

Entropy Dutch Samurai
Mar 1, 05 11:32pm
I saw you around the intelectual exchanges boar and noticed by your name you're dutch, well so am I! ***heavenly music suddenly appears***
O well, here's my stamp:

You can die happily now I've stamped you
Lupin3rd Dutch Samurai
Dec 28, 04 6:38am
*bleep* with us you might even get your shit split.
That's my philosophy, to sit back and smoke lots of trees.

Not much love in your guestbook man, but best believe you're the man, hope your new job works out and you get to do what you always wanted, read the Alchemist >_<. Respect to you monsieur.

Seb, muchos luv ya'll.
Never Dutch Samurai
Dec 5, 04 5:28am
I'm signin cuz I'm bored, lol. You lay some good shit down in tha Royal Rumble, btw. Of course, you've got at least one easy emcee to hit, the n00b, me. How priveleged I feel!
gamesprite No1 Dutch Samurai
Apr 29, 04 1:59pm
So here I am, signing this guestbook because I was required to. I am down with the rules and more than willing to give my all, as long as school doesn't become an issue. Sorry this signing isn't interesting but hey neither am I!