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Ughh 3 extra field and I have no clue what to do with them. Its stupid how the grass dies after a few days instead of like HM

Jan 17, 16 12:45pm
Harvest Moon hurry up..
Jun 3, 15 8:34pm
I really want cookies. Maybe cherries and ice cream ♡
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New steps in life - an unreturnable journey. :)
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_Eqouris: Worlds Away_ "At a time when Earth could no longer fully sustain humanity, another planet was discovered

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_L_aying against the warm earth, puffy white clouds passed by in shapes of dragons and lions. Between small fingers a larger

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` random forgotten unfinished story ideas
╚════════ ════════ ════════ ════════╝

    Laying her head against the desk, she closed her eyes; listening to the endless ringing sound of the phone. Come on, holding onto the black phone, it remained ringing. Pick up Jayden, please. Tears streamed her face as she held onto it, desperately hoping that he’d pick up. The soft ringing continued until a low voice answered, “hello?” Sniffling, she wasn’t sure what to say to him. It had been so long since they had talked. Maybe it was a bad idea. “Hello?”

    Her lips trembled as her voice quivered. “Jayden… can you come home for a bit? I… I need you. I mean, I need someone… to talk too.” With her right hand, she wiped away the droplets that rested against the rosy cheeks she once had had. “… Please.”

    “I can’t…”the cold voice replied, still holding strong. “I just can’t.” The phone call went silent, as she took in every word he said, trying to hold back her tears. Seconds turned into a minute, which turned into five more as she sat in silence. “Sam?”

    “Yeah?” her voice piped up as he said her name; the boy she had fallen for so long ago.

    She could hear him lightly breathing, each breath sounding as if he would break soon. “How’s Danny?”

    One single crystal droplet fell down from her eyes, landing onto the golden rectangle frame that balanced itself onto her thigh. The picture that it held was of two late-teenaged kids standing underneath an old oak tree. The girl was wearing a white low cut, knee length dress with a silk topaz sash that wrapped around her tiny waist. The long blond locks blew in the wind, and her fringe blew to the right side, revealing the bright, happy gray eyes and rosy peach colored cheeks. The boy stood beside her, with one arm wrapped around her left shoulder. His side swept fringe just barely covered both of his eyes, where the rest was in several layers that began just below his ear tips in the front and ended at the back of his neck. That day, he wore a white tuxedo with a topaz tie. Come on Sam, do I have to wear the tie? It looks bad! He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her as he pressed his lips against her forehead. That was taken on their senior year, prom night. “He’s… okay. He misses you.”

    “I miss him too,” he replied, trying to keep his voice strong. “Where are you staying?”

    That question surprised her. Taking a deep breath, she glanced over towards the small single bed where a little boy with light mousy brown hair slept peacefully. “We’re at home, right now. But, it probably won’t be for long. You’re parents offered us to stay with them for a bit, until I can find another place.”

    “Listen Sam,” he mumbled, pausing as if he was heisting whether to say it or not. “You could stay here for a bit, if you want. Well, until you can afford your own place. It’s a two bedroom though, but I hear they have a case down here we can work on. You know, for old times’ sake?”

    Her heart skipped a beat, as she held tightly onto the phone, feeling herself falling apart. “Jayden… we can’t do this to Danny again.” The truth was she wanted more than anything to see him again. Her phone began to beep, as she glanced down; William Johnson. “I’m sorry, but I got to take another call. Bye Jayden.”

    “Bye Sam.” The line fell silent as he disconnected.


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Sitting in this room playing Russian roulette~


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