The internet truly has space for the most retarded comments. "Frank Sinatra is not a great singer"
Gustavo Cerati died today, May he rest in peace

quote bluexy
Would anyone be willing to extrapolate on why her opinion is valid/invalid if she...
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To paraphrase the Nostalgia Critic on his twilight review, she is not qualified to speak on the topic. read more

quote Shadow of Death
Puppet king hmmm?

I'm hoping there are other interesting extra chars you can...
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How do I crop/Trim/cut parts of a video on Sony Vegas Pro 10? on mac I used quick time but i guess that aint gonna fly now

quote canderson
I look forward to the meltdowns when they announce Majora's Mask 3D for the New...
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Next time Israel declares ones people should start RT'ing One by Metallica, a song that explains WHY WAR IS A TERRIBLE IDEA

quote Rabla
You're allowed to have a different opinion, but the fact you're going around in both...
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quote Rabla
This is the best thing ever I can't express how excited I am to finally see this...
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No just no, this is a terrible idea and however thought it should bow down to all fans and say sorry. read more

Oh god, why?! why mix an adventure game with Tekken out of all things?! I loathe fighting games... read more

quote Zombie_Barioth
Wow, and it only took 12 years to notice...

Seems like a desperation move more...
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quote Mikau Kahn
This is kinda silly. The act of swapping discs or the use of haptic feedback in a...
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Interesting that they chose to sue now that Koei is starting to make business with nintendo. read more

So I just started playing threads of Fate and I am loving it