not really happy about Fi, mostly because i dint like her as a very obvious tool. read more

Oh god this is terrible news, Iwata is a bad president, or have we forgotten how many times he has... read more

oh god i am lmao'ing right now, i recently criticized a fic for having the protagonist being too OC, he took it down,couldnt handle critique

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Why is everyone hating on Philips lol? Nintendo lost the case which means they are at...
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Ouch, make sure to drink loads of Orange Juice and Chicken soup, hope you get better. read more

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I figured what is wrong with the MMZ saga, it's no longer fun fake difficulty and races for ranks cut the exploring of that the X series had

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I swear to...
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Hyrule warriors is a must get, shame there only seems to be Imp Minda i was hoping for True form!Midna read more

what in the name of god is the USA flag in this game? isnt Xenoblade an universe that Zanza has... read more

Eh this new game sounds like a revamped version of a certain sega game that the nerd reviewed and fortress defense read more