I need help again, I need to find a greek god or goddesses that has under his/her domain the newborns,s ources point to artemis,but not sure
Does any one knows the japanese words for Warm, Heat, Summer, things that can be related to Hestia of greek mythos
If there is something that pisses me nowadays on naruto fanfics is 'Dark/evil Naruto' an OC with a hair trigger temper and Sasuke's hormones
*bleep* you apple for not letting me use itunes 10.7, why kill coverflow? It's friggin awesome, itunes 11 and 12 are uggh

For my pokemon fanfic I am introducing Wes of the Colosseum game as a sort of mentor to Ash instead of Brock, below are some

Does anyone knows if a thick tree will stop a .357 bullet?

As we all know MM has several areas to explore, clock town, Termina, Romani Ranch, Souther swamp & woodfall, the Mountain

We always have an item that no matter what we do it never leaves one of our C buttons, which is yours? what item you feel lik

I would have to say Goth, something about pursuing a giantic mechanical bull at high speeds and then mowing it down with your

I'd put the Bunny hoods, Goron and Stone mask among of the most useful for the game and the Fierce Deity too as for the m

So remember the argument that is pretty old that there are no female harems? welp found THE exception http://bit.ly/1y15FVH yes Naruko, harem
looking for some one to bounce ideas with for a Naruto fanfic
I hate windows, it restored my system (when it said it failed) and erased all of my progress in kingdoms of amalur, including my install
I am playing kingdoms of Amalur, I leveled up and I cant figure how to keep my upgrades, any one has any ideas?
A shinobi meets Athena who introduces herself as the goddess of fair war, the shinobi blinks and asks "what is fair war? I dont understand""

Basically the manga started as a romance story between a kid and a Kitsune however it eventually started getting more and mor

http://img.animefreak.tv/meta/0/206.jpg --Quote-- Sequel to the Psycho-Pass series, taking place one-and-a-half years late

I noticed that the PSP games only have gameshark which is not the format that is used, As far as I know two formats are used

Bug: Writing Megaman does not displays all the games. What Happens: I wrote Megaman, Mega man and Megaman X in an attemptt o

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