It's kinda fun hearing my uncle swear every five seconds thanks to SM64 Lethal Lava land, now he knows once more my pain and suffering

Today in Venezuela there have been a number of disturbing facts, ranging from once again people burning tires, starting riots

Great my neopoints cannot be found.
My review of God of War Chains of Olympus, why oh gods why these games exist?

God of War: Chains of Olympus THE GOOD:Correct use of Greek Mythos.Correct Characterization of the greek gods (aka everybody is a bastardTHE BAD:Kratos is a flat character that you cannot sympathize with, at all.Repetitive combat.Enemies can...

I do not see whats so special about God of War
Some songs on youtube are simply Just Gold
I am this close to saying screw F-Zero GP Legend forever, really rubberband AI? Perfect play on NORMAL!? impossibly sharp turns?
I have a Pegatron T14AF motherboard thing is that I cannot find anywhere if it take DDR3 of RAM, anyone has any idea?

I have a Pegatron T14AF motherboard, I have managed to find it has two slots and it can take up to 4gb of ram... thing is tha

Happy new year to all my friends and to all of neoseeker!

So after much delibering I managed to unmount the hard drive of my old macbook, and then I wanted to see how true the stateme

I really like reading fanfiction, but here are times when I cannot help but facepalm at the way some authors develop their id

I need help again, I need to find a greek god or goddesses that has under his/her domain the newborns,s ources point to artemis,but not sure
Does any one knows the japanese words for Warm, Heat, Summer, things that can be related to Hestia of greek mythos
If there is something that pisses me nowadays on naruto fanfics is 'Dark/evil Naruto' an OC with a hair trigger temper and Sasuke's hormones
*bleep* you apple for not letting me use itunes 10.7, why kill coverflow? It's friggin awesome, itunes 11 and 12 are uggh

For my pokemon fanfic I am introducing Wes of the Colosseum game as a sort of mentor to Ash instead of Brock, below are some

Does anyone knows if a thick tree will stop a .357 bullet?

As we all know MM has several areas to explore, clock town, Termina, Romani Ranch, Souther swamp & woodfall, the Mountain

We always have an item that no matter what we do it never leaves one of our C buttons, which is yours? what item you feel lik

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