Ever since a week ago my newer hdd has been randomly dissapearing from my pc window, the problem was easy to fix by un pluggi

I recently had to manage a full instal because the OS somehow did changes I did not authorize, it took my secondary partition

The internet truly has space for the most retarded comments. "Frank Sinatra is not a great singer"


Gustavo Cerati died today, May he rest in peace

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

The job of a sequel is to improve on what the first game did...

How do I crop/Trim/cut parts of a video on Sony Vegas Pro 10? on mac I used quick time but i guess that aint gonna fly now
Next time Israel declares ones people should start RT'ing One by Metallica, a song that explains WHY WAR IS A TERRIBLE IDEA

The phrase above was told to me by a few different people of several different comunities. My question is how true is that ph

So I just started playing threads of Fate and I am loving it

I recently managed to acquire the entire discography of Dio and I have been listening to the albums, in particular the Deluxe

I have no idea why but the Japanese can pull amazing remixes, Dio's entire albums jap remixes are better than the originals, much better
Comparing Dio doing Black Sabbath songs vs his usual style Ozzie wins, Iron man, N.I.B sound much better with Oz than Dio
Finally Downloaded Dio's discography, listening to Magica atm. It's fantastic!
5 more pages before Ch4 of my fic is finished
Is it a grammar mistake to have a . Inside "" ? word tells me it isnt, spellcheck.net does
I really dint expect that a 2006 link for the Ars Goetia would work on 2014. I am pleasantly surprised
I have a question. What is correct yet an other day or other yet other an day? Word says it's option B I am not too convinced
I am angry to a certain set of forums. It seems that posting ideas to get a feeling and see how they are received is "annoying"
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