Basically the manga started as a romance story between a kid and a Kitsune however it eventually started getting more and mor --Quote-- Sequel to the Psycho-Pass series, taking place one-and-a-half years late

I noticed that the PSP games only have gameshark which is not the format that is used, As far as I know two formats are used

Bug: Writing Megaman does not displays all the games. What Happens: I wrote Megaman, Mega man and Megaman X in an attemptt o

I have heard people say that megaman 6 is the easiest game. I ask compared to what? --Quote-- Toru Acura is a 20-year-old retired soldier meandering through life now t --Quote-- Everyday is a normal day in the small town where Kasuga Arata lives; how

Going to be weird to adapt at using an avatar of HNK after using Sol Bad guy for so long

So I am waking up and the first news I hear is this that Robert Serra was murdered last night along his girlfriend. http:/

I am so far enjyoing my birthday

Ever since a week ago my newer hdd has been randomly dissapearing from my pc window, the problem was easy to fix by un pluggi

I recently had to manage a full instal because the OS somehow did changes I did not authorize, it took my secondary partition

The internet truly has space for the most retarded comments. "Frank Sinatra is not a great singer"

Gustavo Cerati died today, May he rest in peace

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

The job of a sequel is to improve on what the first game did...

How do I crop/Trim/cut parts of a video on Sony Vegas Pro 10? on mac I used quick time but i guess that aint gonna fly now
Next time Israel declares ones people should start RT'ing One by Metallica, a song that explains WHY WAR IS A TERRIBLE IDEA

The phrase above was told to me by a few different people of several different comunities. My question is how true is that ph

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