So tvtropes broke their log in system for firefox, i am not amused
I finally beat Castlevania IV level 8-2, i am loving the game more and more, ofc i abuse save states too, that might play a part XD
Ar tonelico 2 idiot ball #3 Luca chosing to go to the sacred army and ignoring the obvious clues to cloche is Leika.
Any one among the people that know me are fans of Rosario+Vampire AND Monster Girl quest? i am working on a fanfic idea and i could use help
Ar Tonelico 2 Idiot ball #2 Croix battling his superior because his lil sister became IPD infected, he could've rescued her later.
Ar Tonelico 2 Idiot Ball #1 discussing the parentage of a girl on a two floor house with thin walls
Re playing Ar Tonelico 2, the amount of idiot balls being picked up are starting to pile up, i could make a drinking game out of it
AC/DC has interesting songs, rock 'n roll train, back in black, TNT, hell bells, highway to hell.
Luca of Ar tonelico 2 is way too much of an ass, who the *bleep* traps their inner world and invites the love interest to it?
my laptop charger broke, fml
why does neoseeker has to rely on in order for me to use notifs?
If i am going to do romance on my own pokemon fic i need to re read shibumi, the subtle love of Hel and Hanna is perfect Ash x Anabel
Comparing early sabbath and later sabbath i prefer the older sabbath, their sound is more refined, for a lack of a better word.
Black Sabbath Wicked (Side-B) has amazing guitar rifts, short lyrics but damn good sound
I need a proof reader for the updated chapters of my Pokemon fanfic 'The Journey of the master' I sought to try to correct some problems
People always seem to have a spy or a telepathic affinity to know that you are about to start a new game and call to ask you a favor.

Deus Machina Demonbane THE GOOD: Interesting story Multiple paths to chose Good character developmentTHE BAD: A Bit short only having three routes so replaying can become redundant No obvious hints where your actions are sending you...

wild arms FX *kills four enemies, six more come as reinforcements* that happens on EVERY *bleep*ING MAP
can any one tell me how good or bad is galaxy angel?
Wow Neocrs worked fast on my Red steel 2 review, i do wonder why i dont got a system pm told it was approved tho
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